Dissatisfaction or Desire

Look, I know this blog is about leadership.

I also know that many consider gratitude and other such emotional states to be “soft”.

But they’re wrong.

Seriously wrong.

And if you’re a true Leader you know I’m right.

Even neurosciences now proves me right.

What are often termed as “soft-skills,”
actually turn out to be the hardest hitting skills of all.

When you’re dissatisfied, two things are going on:

  1. You’re focusing on what’s bad, wrong, or not there. 
  2. You’re cutting yourself off from the gifts Life and God have given you.

Think about this:

If you give someone a gift and they complain and show a lack of gratitude for it are you prone to give them more or less?

The answer is obvious.

When you lack gratitude for what you have (a.k.a. show or feel dissatisfaction) you’re plugging into the world of lack and limitation.

Leaders always want more in life, for after all, as we’ve discussed, Life must only and always create more Life!

To do anything less would be contrary to its nature.

But while Leaders want to endlessly develop, advance and grow, they realize they must constantly be grateful for what they’ve been given. 

Never dissatisfied.

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You see, whatever you have right now, and wherever you are right now, I’m sure you’ll quickly agree that you could always have less; and it could always be worse. 


Gratitude is the most powerful magnetic attractive force in the universe.

Studies in neurosciences now prove that a gratitude practice literally changes the structure of your brain through neuroplasticity.



Desire traced back to its Latin roots translates as “From the Heavens or Stars.”

Your desire is your Higher Self, The Supreme Mind calling and compelling you to step into your greatness and become the very best version of yourself.

Yet tt’s critical for Life and Business Leadership that you understand the difference between a fantasy, a wish, and a true desire.

I’ve addressed this previously at great length, so I won’t go into it here.

Just suffice to say that many believe they have a desire (a call from Supreme Mind), but it’s actually a conditioned pull from Socialized Mind.

True Leaders learn to distinguish between a call from Supreme Mind
and a pull from the conditioning of socialized mind.
The first is your destiny. The second is romantic fantasy.

So, this brings us to our next Axiom of the Leader Master-Mind:

Leaders can, and must, desire to constantly expand, experience and express more fully, but they absolutely cannot be dissatisfied with what currently exists.

Obviously, this is a topic that needs much contemplation, exploration and discussion. But then again, that’s what LIVE event experiences and coaching are for, right?

Go here and get your Mind and results right.

In the meantime, ask yourself: 

“Am I consistently grateful for what I have? Or do I find myself slipping into limiting thoughts and lack of appreciation?”

“Do I know my unique gifts and genius, as well as my purpose? My true Desire? The call from Supreme Mind?

“Or am I following some pipe dream romanticized ideal that The Matrix has programmed me into?”

There’s always more.

Will you grab it and live it?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!