Developing True Confidence

Your confidence is more important than your intelligence.
Fate favors the bold.

Let’s get something straight right up front.

Confidence and arrogance are completely different things.

Arrogance is a close cousin of ignorance; and it’s a total lack of acknowledgment that the Field, and its muse, are working in and through you.

Trust The Field and its power working through you in humble confidence.
Arrogance and ignorance stifle the muse.milky-way-1023340_960_720

True confidence is a confidence in a creative power working through you. Not in your small personal capabilities, rather in the capabilities of something greater than you that when once accessed makes you a creative machine.

I learned this basically through hard knocks.

I trust you can learn it vicariously through me.

I once thought that “I” had accomplished a lot of wonderful things.

  • New York Times Bestseller
  • 500 inductee
  • Multimillion dollar company.

While sitting in contemplation in a tiny cell, I traced back the entirety of my life.

In those moments it became crystal clear that all I had really done was:

  1. Work hard on improving myself.
  2. Focused on providing value to the world.
  3. Make myself available for what ultimately came to and through me.

Work harder on your mindset than you do on your marketing.

All the television shows I appeared on came to me.

The huge book contract was offered to me.

The ability to appear in The Secret was presented to me.

My Inc. 500 company was not my doing, it was done.

Yes it was done by my hands and the hands of others, but it was done through me not from me.

When you’re really in focused flow, and if wise, you realize that things don’t come “from you” they come “through you.” Big difference.james-arthur-ray-image-hero

Okay, let’s pause here and take a breath.

While I’m quite a spiritual guy, I’m also a spiritual entrepreneur. Which means I’m seriously practical.

What I’m not advocating is that you can just sit idly on your duff and things will drop in your lap.


Not even close.

Read point #1 above again.

If you follow my work at all, you know I’m an advocate of hard work.

What I am suggesting is that the most powerful and leveraged, and actually most difficult, work you must do is working on yourself as your primary focus.

Work on your mindset. A master mindset will put you in right place,
with the right focus and flow, to meet the right people, and get the right opportunities,
to take the right action, and get the right results.

Learn how to get the results by simply changing the way you think and feel.

Now here’s an inarguable fact:

No one ever knew how to do something until it was done.

Jobs didn’t know how to build Apple until it was done…

Martha Stewart didn’t know how to build her empire until it was done…

Robert Downey Jr. didn’t know how to become Iron Man until it was done…

Elon Musk didn’t know how to build Tesla until it was done…

I didn’t know how to build an Inc. 500 company until it was done.

Absolutely nobody!


Knows how to do something until it’s completed.

Stop focusing on “how.” How is not your job. How belongs to The Field. Your job is to know what and why; and then go forward confidently and boldly!how is not your job-james-arthur-ray-image

One common quality of all ultimate achievers is true confidence. A confidence in a power that’s working in and through them.

Your confidence is more important than your intelligence.

As you continually work on your own development, advancement and growth you will find that opportunities and ideas come to you like metal shavings to a powerful magnet.

When you get this principle it’s a complete game-changer.

Most don’t get it.

Most never will.

How about you?

I’m continually saddened by the individual who pays thousands of dollars on some marketing technique; and yet they won’t invest even a modicum of money in their own thinking and shape-shifting.

Most are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling
to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.
~ William Jameswilliam-james

When you develop your own awareness and confidence, you recognize that there’s an infinite creative power working through you that is greater than anything life can ever throw at you.

This power is constantly looking to come into fruition; and will always look for the most efficient and effective vehicle to make this happen.

Will you be that vehicle?

Work on yourself.

Become more aware and confident in your ability to access infinite creativity and synchronicity.

And then go big or don’t go at all.

When you act boldly the gods look down in favor upon you. Fate favors the bold.

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic,