Decision Fatigue
Psychologist agree that there are approximately 7 lines of capability that can be developed in the human being. One of those lines is willpower. But research shows that even the most willful individual has a finite amount of this ability. Decision Fatigue is a phenomenon in which our willpower is taxed and we don’t have enough energy to make important decisions. How do we combat decision fatigue? We habituate mundane decisions.

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  1. Our habits own us. Allowing the decision process in the mind, may be a mistake. The mind can be trained to accomplish any set of tasks. Give it too much to do at one time and it has is own particular way of melt down. I am a novice but when I use my mind to implement 'willpower' somewhere before the end of the day… it is exhausted. When I stick to the plan, only use my gut [solar plexus] and heart to decide, the mind doesn't get taxed and then becomes a useful friend. I am muddling with this a lot lately, having fun too. Thank you James for making the case for greatness.

  2. I love this message. It's so true with the business of network marketing. Success comes when you master the mundane…the prospecting, presenting, etc. Create daily habits for these so they are on autopilot. I believe that is why so many fail at network marketing. They do not have the discipline to create habits in these areas and become exhausted with the constant decisions. Great message James!

  3. They say that "Life Happens while you are busy making plans" – Lately I feel as though I have ADD from brain overload… : /

  4. I am willful -and this trait-good/bad- is my driving force but i have NEVER focused like a laser beam. Maybe on occasion. Yes, on important occasions.
    Not good enough. No where good ENOUGH. Especially now.
    This video, In fact most of these blogs and videos strike a deep, SOMBER nerve in me. And I don't like it.
    (Believe me, I don't WANT to agree with them. i would prefer to chew endlessly on severely, sharp, fish hooks, through out the ENTIRE day, than say the messages are right on)
    This video is very helpful for this lady who is working hard and struggling with laser beam focus.

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