Creating Your Own Slice of Heaven: Alchemy and Utilization Part 5

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~ Winston Churchill

We’ve discussed the possibility that “darkness is the creator” and that “it’s in our darkness that we may find the true light.” This is so contrary to our conditioning that it most probably begs the question, “how can this be?”

Traditional spiritual concepts advise us that if we accept certain saviors or abide by certain rules we will be saved from an “eternal damnation.” Well eternal damnation is about enough to scare the pants off of anyone (it certainly did me for a while); and potentially get them to “walk the straight and narrow” (whatever the hell that is).

Then there’s the more upbeat and “up to date” pontificators in religious crowds that are more like motivational speakers than traditional preachers. Rather than the fear of hell fire and damnation, they propagate that God’s will is to make you “prosperous” and constantly “bless you.” In other words, rather than saving myself from “eternal damnation” I’ll be “saved from poverty, pain and suffering right now; and become endlessly abundant and prosperous.

But what does all that really mean? If everyone was meant to be a multi-millionaire how much would multiple millions be worth? It’s already much less than it used to be, as our standard of living (and cost thereof) has continued to rise (particularly in the West).

The close cousin to the prosperity preachers in religious circles, are those in personal development. Those who teach that if you learn the “law of attraction” properly or you “learn the latest brain technique to eradicate limiting beliefs” (my Facebook feed is full of them), you’ll attract multiple millions; and nothing will ever come to you but what you deem to be good. Bees’ wont sting and your stuff won’t stink.

To a large degree I realize in retrospect that while not totally espousing these fantasies in the past… I was doing so to a large degree. I was a close cousin. I was wrong. I was living in denial. My intention was good; and I apologize.

But let me ask again, what do those “good things” really mean? And what are multiple millions worth if everybody “has what they think they want?” Please don’t just gloss over those last two questions. They may just totally change your life.

What we’ve completely missed in our culture is that if you trace the root of the world “prosperity” back to its origins… it translates as “to travel” or we could also say “to grow.” Please read that again. Its true definition (at least originally) had nothing to do with money and materialism.

Does Universal Intelligence/God want you to “continually prosper?” You bet IT does! For as we continue to remind ourselves, ITS prime directive is further expansion, experience and expression. In other words. To travel forward and to “prosper” in the truest sense of the word. Please tell me that you’re really thinking.

True Wealth is not an external possession, it’s an internal realization

Did you know that true wealth is at your finger tips now? Read more about it here.

Truth be told, what we tend to call “darkness” or “negative” is primarily (if not entirely) defined in most cases by what we think we don’t want versus what we think we want. But what we think we want is ultimately wrong! Yes, I know that’s bold.

“In the entire Universe there is only one Mind”

~ Erwin Schrodinger

Let me make another bold proposal… what we really ultimately want is to think in alignment with Universal Intelligence, for there is only one mind. When we’re out of alignment with that only one mind we’re experiencing what in psychology they call “cognitive dissonance.” Cognitive dissonance is simply put, attempting to hold two completely contrary ideas simultaneously in one mind.

Think about this aspiring alchemist… if Universal Intelligence/Life/God is doing it’s dead level best to continually move forward (fuller expression, experience and expansion), IT must know more than you or I the best way to make this happen, right?

But here you are operating from your small personal will of how things “should be” and resisting the process. Cognitive dissonance my friend. Your small mind and its childish plans rooted in ignorance are constantly bumping up against Infinite Cosmic Will and attempting to conform it to your finite personal will. Can you get your mind around this?

Guess who’s going to ultimately lose the battle? Guess who’s going to be miserable, distraught and frustrated in the process?

If you’re asking “what does this have to do with alchemy?” The answer is, everything! Please think and think deeply.

Next time we’ll explore “hell” more fully but let me end with one more bold statement. When answering the question, “How do I become awakened, powerful, creative, and go to heaven?” Those already awake answer, “Go to hell.”

Keep your questions and comments coming—I read each and every one and respond as often as possible.

Stay awake and Love Life,



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  1. I agree with your blog…surprise, surprise…no really…just my English sarcasm…but truthfully, I think therefore I am…sadly my thoughts are just that…thoughts and they, in the past have caused me much angst….as soon as my ‘world’ came to an end 14 years ago, I quickly realised that it was the best thing to happen to me…it has not been an easy journey but it has been very worthwhile…I know that I have to accept my own thought patterns for all.

    I know that I am responsible for thinking small and being small, I know I persuaded my self I was insignificant and was of no little use to humanity…that changed when I did, when I accepted the Law Of Allowing and grew to appreciate all that I AM is a gift and I AM the breath of God.

    I KNOW that life is good if I allow it to be good…those darn chattering monkeys are not me!

    Many blessings to you et al.

  2. Good Morning James,

    I have written to you in the past and have even sent you comments as well.

    While I read your “Daily” blogs, I wondered why you don’t send out the video blogs like you used to ?

    Also, you were a big proponent of the book by James Allen, “As A Man Thinketh” and quoted Bob Proctor telling you to read this book for the rest of your life.

    I too have a copy and every so often pick up and read/ re-read several passages.
    However since your return, you have not mentioned Allen’s work of have gone back to the videos.

    It appears you have taken on a whole new platform. Don’t get me wrong, I am liking and appreciating your slant. Which is vastly different from the typical snake oil peddlers of the personal coach mantra that you spoke earlier.


    Jeffrey Berube, DC

    1. Hey Jeffrey, It was actually Wallace Wattles that Bob suggested I read for the rest of my life. I’ve read and re-read all of Allen’s works in fact re-read every single book he wrote again while on my extended vacation. I’m not sure why you want me to quote him but when time is appropriate I will. I’m still a fan of his work and think that most don’t truly understand it to it’s depths. As far as the video’s go. I just haven’t had the resources or abilities to do those at the current time. I used to have a team of 26 full time people now it’s just me. Stay tuned and if Universal Will wants me to do more video’s I’m sure it will happen. Thanks for being here ~ JAR

      1. With no disrespect Ray- you only need a camera and you. It does not take a team of 26. 🙂 They do not have to be perfect. If anything , they are more real.

        1. Thank Mr/Mrs. Anonymous =) I appreciate that and actually just shot several new vids (simple straight forward) over the weekend. Stay tuned. ~ JAR

    2. omgosh thank you for that ‘snake oil peddler’s comment! HA! HILARIOUS!

      ONCE UPON A TIME… I had all your books James and at that time THE SECRET had been out and then I ended up in Joe Vitale’s one on one coaching sessions… hmmm now I see what was happening.. saw it then too but in the midst of personal crisis once again and reaching out for more understanding of life I had sixth sense telling me that something was wrong with coaching that came with the option… to be an internet ‘guru’ and sell ONE NITE WONDER cures for all of humanities ailments…

      RIDICULOUS! YEAH.. classes on how to SELL JOE WERE A VERY PUSHED OPTION. AND I LIKED his stuff but he took it WAY TOO FAR… put himself on some pedestal and disappeared? REALLY?

      I WISH all of them well but where the heck is he now? APPARENTLY NOT OFFERING $5,000 A POP NIGHTS OUT IN HIS ROLLLSSS ROYCE as a one time quick way to solve ALL your problems.. like HEY SPEND A NIGHT WITH ME! THE ‘NEW’ GOD … if you can afford it…

      ok, enough of that but I DO LIKE AND AGREE THAT YOU, JAMES are PULLING IT BACK TO FEEL MORE LIKE THE JAMES I followed before.. as in your confidence returning… you are on to something great and feels now like you have shed that SKIN you still wore for a while when you started this up again… that one you had to wear while…. gone… for a while… BUT YOU ARE BACK!



      ( oh ps… just stickler for English.. the form… PROVE THAT YOU’RE REAL, or that YOU ARE REAL, but YOUR real is incorrect… sorry? 🙂 )

  3. James, I’ve been having these thoughts too. Great stuff. Thanks. Rebecca

  4. Thanks James for this information that I felt as very deep and heavy, so I need to read it a few times again.

    I can resonate with these ideas but just a little technical question: How do I align with the Universal will? since it seems I am bumping every 5 seconds with it, and I cannot see what does it wants for me to do?

    Sorry to sound so harsh but I think this is important.

    Thank you for sharing this information and going deeper this time.

    From my darkness I salute you full of gratefulness.

    1. Hector, The most straightforward answer I can give you is to first: realize that Life is ALWAYS for fuller expression, experience and expansion; and secondly: surrender to the fact that whatever Life is bringing you is in alignment with that for your life. Easier said that done I know for our small personal will often fights strongly against Universal Will. What has to happen to let go of the particular HOW in which your life unfolds and just trust the unfolding. Something to ponder ~ JAR

      PS. Remember, as we discussed earlier, “Nothing can work contrary to its nature. If Life is working and moving through you it MUST only have one objective which is more Life.

  5. It is hell learning to get out of the way…to relinquish control…what a dance!

  6. I finished a six-month course yesterday that spent a lot of time teaching how to change ones thinking. It did not make a distinction between having thoughts and ‘thinking’ as two different phenomena however. Regardless, both only and always put one eventually into cognitive dissonance. The ‘Truth’ believed is always a lie. The truth can only be an experience. It is best to ride the horse in the direction it is headed…. I am rereading a Gerald Vann book and saw that the Presence of God, living in now, operating in a space of possibility, ‘being’ present, the space of Infinite Possibility, mindfulness, aliveness or whatever one chooses to describe IT requires NO THINKING or having thoughts or using the cognitive functions as the source of ones being. Your Winston Churchill quote is poignant. All too often, when I notice [a state of thinking] I am in ‘hell’ I stop! Not the path through OR if I use the ‘noticing’ as an alarm clock just began ringing and see it is an opportunity to ‘get off it’ or go back into the ‘zone’ or presence myself to the experience, ‘hell’ looks awe full funny or is that awfully funny. Thank you James for always and all ways making a difference, no matter where you are.

  7. I just experienced a horrible loss. We imported a very expensive puppy from Europe into our family. The plan was to expand our breeding program. Turns out the dog was sick before it arrived. After spending thousands in an attempt to medically save the puppy – it ultimately died. The breeder is blocking all attempts at an open dialogue. I am struggling to define the choices I made to bring about this outcome and a trying to find the lesson here so I can move forward. How do you trust in a universe that defies logic, intuition and my personal sense of karmic justice?

    1. J, I’m truly sorry for your loss and will never attempt to minimize it only to help you understand it. I can only answer by way of a story. I recall when speaking and touring non-stop in one particular city my flight was delayed, my baggage lost, my driver was slow, and I kept over 500 people waiting over an hour to hear what I had to say. As I rushed into the back door of the hotel the promoter stated, “What did you do to attract this James?” (with a sly “you messed something up” grin). The truth is that in my opinion this person was living in fantasy. If you choose to travel over 200 days per year, once in a while your flight will be late and they’ll misplace your luggage. Some romantics will want to argue this point with me and that’s okay… but check your own experience and ask, “When in my life has everything always fallen into place exactly as I planned all the time?” The truth is that when you’re honest you’ll have to answer “Never, ALL the time… sometimes yes, but ALWAYS? Never? Now the romantics who love fantasy life will attempt to tell you that you did “something wrong” either in thought, feeling or action that caused this to occur and “if you’ll just get your thinking straight” this won’t happen again. I call BS on that and challenge them to refer to history or even their own Bible and find ONE SINGLE person who had everything “perfectly” happen all the time.

      The harsh fact J is that life is often harsh. You might consider reading my series on “Life versus Fantasy” if you haven’t; and certainly this series continues to build from the perspective that it’s what you choose to DO with what life sends you versus expecting Life to send you exactly what you want all the time. When we get this then it really doesn’t “defy logic” and you begin to realize that Life is always sending you opportunities (sometimes wrapped in pain) for your own further expression, experience and expansion. Hope this helps. Hugs ~ JAR

      1. I love it James … Very good !!
        For the past few years I have never asked myself ” Why ?” ….only ” It is” and move on ….

        1. Powerful Helen, powerful! I remember when all fell apart for me I initially asked, “Why me God!!??” The answer that came back was “Why not you James?” Something to ponder ~ JAR

  8. Wow! This post is spot on. All of your posts are eye-opening! I was reading this latest one and the lightbulb was going off…if we are one mind (with God/source/energy, etc) then of course when we think thoughts that are not in alignment we feel the dissonance. God/source, whatever label you give, knows we are how wonderful we are ,and if we think thoughts about ourselves or others contrary to that then we will feel that bad. We are out of alignment with universal intelligence. That same premise carries through with every thing…source knows how great we are in every area, to not believe this puts us at odds with energy that created us.

    1. Roseanne!! You’re on to something sweetheart! Nice job. I call this “Thinking Like God Thinks” and will be talking much more about it moving forward. Thanks for being here, your understanding inspires me! ~ JAR

  9. This helps SOOO much!!! I really appreciate this article James Arthur Ray!
    it’s what you choose to DO with what life sends you versus expecting Life to send you exactly what you want all the time

  10. You’re killing it! Every post is full of deep and hidden wisdom that only a true traveler can experience and realize. Your words clarify my own realizations and not to mention crack me up. Can’t wait for the book!
    Thanks so much,
    your bro, Peter

    P.S your honesty is commendable, just shows the integrity and wholeness of your being. Hopefully others in this field will be touched… Keep leading by example.

    1. Thanks Peter, means a lot to me. It’s time for us to all be transparent and honest and this is my commitment going forward. Keep me there if I stray. Much love and gratitude ~ JAR

  11. James-

    You raise many good points here. I so appreciate your humility and vulnerability in this post, as well as your accountability. The darkness has served you well, my friend. You are certainly expanded.

    The “prosperity gospel” can be really dangerous, and those who preach it can be reckless. The riches of the world truly do lie within, and I agree: there’s a difference between aligning with Will, and being willful. But where I get caught up is: is it so wrong to want to have money and material goods if God put them here? If we realize that it’s just part of the game? If we come into material wealth, isn’t it possible that it may be an indicator of our expansion on some level? And when do we transition into greed?

    This is something that I often wrangle with. I invite your thoughts.

    1. Alissia, explore the difference between WANT and NEED and herein you may find your answer. We NEED transportation, we WANT a Mercedes or better. We NEED shelter, we WANT a palatial mansion. There is nothing inherently wrong with material wealth, in fact a lot that’s good. We could also discuss the Dharma/Purpose of East versus West but I’ll save that for a later time. However when our WANTS dominate our lives we are no longer in control of the things we use… rather CONTROLLED BY them. We have in my current opinion a birthright to abundance but NOT to extravagance. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  12. In Total Silence the Mind Comes Upon the Eternal

    Why is there constant strife and seeking?

    Are we seeking superficial sensory experience or something timeless that thought has not touched at all?

    Can thought with its limitation enquire deeply? Is observation the instrument of thought?

    When one observes does the thing being observed undergo change?

    Can the mind having understood desire know its value is relative and be free to observe?

    Is there a way of living without any control? Is not the controller the movement of thought?

  13. Hi James & Company,

    You are real! I am real!
    : )
    Sorry, just excited to see the correction.

    Also, re the cognitive dissonance and “thinking like God thinks” – love that! – back when I started on the alchemical path, one of the first things that got corrected in my thought process was the phrase “I am such an idiot”. These days I don’t say anything to or about myself that I wouldn’t say to or about a close friend.

    Namaste to all.

    1. Smart Girl Lisa (I mean that in the most loving endearing way =) And thanks for the head’s up on the “you’re” ~ JAr

      1. Always happy to help, brother. Thanks for the fantastic work and have a great weekend! : )

        lmg, BA – English

      2. Also, since we’re all connected to the Source, the Divine, God…couldn’t talking trash about anyone, including ourselves, be considered blasphemous?

        It’s a thought!

  14. Hi James, you say you were “…a close cousin…” before and that you apologise for being on that particular bandwagon – what if these present thoughts you’re having are also wrong? Isn’t suffering part of everyone’s journey? Do we not learn most through hardship of one kind or another? I think we should accept hardship, accept doubt, wrong thought, even despair but decide to learn from it rather than resist it. You are getting me thinking my friend. 🙂

    1. Stuart, I think what you suggest is the thrust of my entire writing now if you’re following along. As far as being “wrong” now… I definitely am at some level at minimum. None of us can be completely “right” whatever that means. And hopefully as we learn and grow we set aside the things that once worked and embrace a new and more encompassing understanding. In an Infinite Universe this process is infinite ~ JAR

  15. To me, it seems that we enspouse beliefs of either becoming enmeshed with our significant others or swinging to the other extreme of feeling ashamed to depend on others to help us “get it together”. Working as a social worker and personally, I have observed that we are usually blind to ourselves and what we need to promote our well-being. This suggests that we need trusted “others” to help us clarify what we need versus not what we think we need. Scary proposition for most of us after enduring our own personal “hells”; predictability seems better, even if that renders destruction. After reading the blog this week, I believe more than ever in the need for us to support one another in coming to alignment – be honest, patient with each other because change takes time in human evolution – if there is a glimmer of hope, help to instill what goodness you see in others. As said, this is not just material. Maybe we are like the face of God for one another? This sounds crazy (and I hope not sad)… but, sometimes I see it in my dogs faces 🙂

  16. ” ITS prime directive is further expansion, experience and expression. In other words. To travel forward and to “prosper” in the truest sense of the word. Please tell me that you’re really thinking.”
    I am really thinking. Looking at any system in the world (political, ecological, financial etc) evidence and history show that after a period of growing comes a time of stagnation/ prosperity (the golden eras in history). After the golden era inevitably the collapse of the system happens and a new cycle starts. Here’s hoping that won’t happen to the universe in a hurry 🙂

    1. Anette, Good! Nice way to think… so few do. It will happen as everything in the physical realm moves in cycles. Just like my business reached a peak and then it was time for the drop to the trough. Every zenith is followed by a corresponding nadir. But the wise know that what appears to be “collapse” in the relative plane is still further expansion, experience and expression in the realm of the Absolute. ~ JAR

  17. It’s GREAT to see you back James! Ive always enjoyed your ideas. This post is a great summary of the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. This philosophy is in its totality taught there. Enjoy the ride!

  18. I am loving the new blog articles. I am loving the authenticity and integrity of JAR 2.0. I appreciate the written blogs versus video blogs because I don’t always have the time to watch. If you do go back to that format, please include a transcript so that we have a choice.
    Sending you love and light.

  19. Several of my clients watched the Secret over the weekend and I was called to hold you in the light again. This article is the BEST of your material yet. Radical Acceptance is a hard concept- but I believe you have nailed it! Pain in this life is going to happen….suffering is always optional. It is our thinking drives us to suffering-not the God of our understanding.

    1. Debra, I’m grateful, very grateful to be held in the light. Thanks so much. Yes, suffering comes from the resistance (key word) to what is. When we let go of resistance more and more (and it’s a process for all of us) and embrace acceptance then there is still pain, which is part of life, but suffering diminishes and can potentially go away. ~ JAR

  20. It has been agonizing, torturous, painful suffering that has bared a nudeness of my soul…birthing an alignment to the divine. A streamline of surrender, release, service and honor for the opportunity cascaded upon me like a peaceful blissful light. This breakthrough came two days ago and the synchronicity of reading your blog was right on point. thank you!

    1. Yolanda, yes I know the feeling. True but unpopular is the fact that there’s salvation through suffering and history as well as personal experience bears this out. Much love ~ JAR

  21. Good stuff Jim. I’m in a low place. Anxiety, worrry, discontent. And my greatest source of inspiration, my mother, passed away last July. Finally the last couple months I’m working to get back up. I think I have that cognitive dissonance. I’ve been reading again various people regarding how my thoughts and emotions affect many things. I read this and I understand but I continue to resist. I just won’t let go and let things come. I want a better life in all ways for me and my family, but my inner gatekeeper is in full lock down mode. Incredibly frustrating. I know the answer is in front of me, but I refuse to look and ackknowledge. The law of attraction I know works but my belief system right now is not helping. Just wanted to share.

    1. Jim, we all go through this and it’s an interesting metaphor inner “lockdown” for a guy who’s spent some years in external “lockdown” only to find my true self in that place. Keep the faith my friend for it’s the low places that create the highs and there is no escape from them in my experience. The entire Universe moves in seasons and cycles and we are a part of that. Be kind and do your best to allow to be what is and you’ll eventually find the beauty even in the “lockdown” times ~ JAR

  22. Hmmm…so then are you no longer supporting the Law Of Attraction? Your vibrations don’t attract your experience? Sounds like it to me.
    Let me give you a couple of examples to ponder if you will.
    I was watching a movie in a theatre a couple of years ago and suffered a panic attack (why I’m not sure) that my car was going to be broken into outside. Despite my intense feelings (that I rarely have) Didn’t happen. However later that night. outside my home, someone vandalised my car – not breaking in but smashing the front window.
    One other example. I met you a few years ago shortly before your legal troubles. When I told you, during the receiving line, that I am a TV news producer, I saw a stark spectre of fear cross your face before I was quickly ushered away. I’m sure of it. Now I wasn’t then (nor am I now) digging for a story – I simply had a question about my own path. In any event, it seemed like somewhere in your mind you were freaked out about journalists..Irony considering? Attraction at work? Thoughts?

    1. D, it’s not that I’m no longer is support of the LOA, it’s that I understand it more fully. What you’re describing to me in my experience is intuition versus attraction. If you followed my work I NEVER bought into the idea of “magical thinking” (you may or may not be aware) in my book that’s fantasy. Regarding journalists… any quick perusal of “journalism” in my experience will most likely show that true journalism is long dead in favor of sensationalism. I mean no disrespect. BTW, I don’t blame the “journalists” for this because they have to earn a living and therefore must give the public what sells. The nightly news and online blogs and newspapers bear this out. If you’d had your words taken out of context and misinterpreted as many times as I have you might experience a “stark spectre of fear” as well. To fear is human, are you reading my blogs?

      Finally, I believe (and actually taught prior to the accident) that what appears in the Relative plane as the LOA is actually the Law of Expansion in the Absolute sense. That’s a long topic that we can get into at a later time; and yet if you’re a true journalists you can read all my current blog writings and most possibly read between the lines… but of course that takes an open mind and a true desire for truth. Just my opinions and experience… take them or leave them. Much love and respect ~ JAR

  23. I love your opening quote by Winston Churchill, and the discussion that follows. While reading I remember when things got so bad suicide sounded good. The awakening that followed as I continued to walk the shadow side was life altering. I wish there was a way to describe what the journey felt like. It’s irrelevant the situation that drives us to wanting to end it all before it’s complete, but to awaken and realize once you’ve taken that journey through hell, life can be experienced without fear…..because truth is, there will always be opportunity to walk through hell….or is it that once we’ve redefined “waiting for the other shoe to drop” to “life has it’s ebbs and tides”, are we free to really live KNOWING we will survive the journey, and thrive.
    You are an inspiration. Thank-you

    1. Sheila, I know how you feel. There were days during my demise that I felt like it would just be so much easier to recycle and start over again–the pain was too great–more than I thought I could handle–I was wrong. Yes, hell is purging and transformative… there’s a purification that comes through pain and a salvation through suffering. The one thing I will give you for consideration is that it’s not that we “experience life without fear” for fear is a part of being human. It’s actually that we’re not afraid to allow fear to exist any longer and we eventually learn to use it versus run from it. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  24. Hi James!
    I really love the message! Since I read your new blog (and translate some of it) lots of things have been changing in my mind. I realized that my life kind of stopped a couple of years ago and is getting more and more comfortable but more and more boring. I lost my way to prosperity, stopped travelling though life looking for something new and unknown.
    It was scary to admit I don’t want to run my business any more. Staying in my warm and comfortable office, getting enough is all about just feeling safety but not joy.
    I’ve got no idea what I want to do as all that was known to my mind doesn’t work any more. My attempts to settle myself down into the flow of my REAL life take lots of efforts as there is no specific goal. It’s hard to step into unknown and trust myself.
    It’s hard to see things clearly :-).
    With love,
    P.S.: And, James, you were right about Ukrain, new consciousness is born there. I begin to see it now.

    1. Natalia,
      Thanks again for translating my blog for your part of the world, I know it’s much needed in these times of transition. While it may seem scary to move forward I commend you for listening and encourage you to continue not only to listen but to follow. We’re all connected to something bigger grander than we can ever imagine and it’s constantly calling us to further expression, experience and expansion. It may not easy (and usually it’s not) but life is NOT meant to be comfortable… it’s meant to be completely meaningful. Much love ~ JAR

      1. It’s my pleasure to translate and share your profound wisdom with russian speaking world!
        Thank YOU, James!

  25. James, I have a hard time understanding why Unversial Intelligence would want masses of 3rd World People to suffer. Are they born to this suffering, aligned with the Universal Intelligence and if embraced by them, will they continue to suffer (far more than you or I)? I go back to the quote “the greatest souls are the ones that suffer most”. Or…is their birth in a 3rd world country merely random and unfortunate?

    1. Mark, that’s a great question and I don’t have the answer. I could only speculate at best. What do you think? Their suffering IS a reality… but then again, maybe in many ways they’re more at peace then we are. ~ JAR

  26. I am thoroughly enjoying these posts! I trawl through so much fluff on other blogs and various facebook pages. You are onto something really wonderful and intriguing here and please keep this information coming 🙂

  27. Yes… Cognitive Dissonance vs. thinking in alignment. That’s what it’s really all about isn’t it? But how does one think in alignment?

    Oh…I know…Be the Alchemist! Be the Master. It seems so simple.

    “When your’e going through Hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill
    (That quote may just come in handy.)

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