Creating Your Own Slice of Heaven: Alchemy and Utilization Part 5

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~ Winston Churchill

We’ve discussed the possibility that “darkness is the creator” and that “it’s in our darkness that we may find the true light.” This is so contrary to our conditioning that it most probably begs the question, “how can this be?”

Traditional spiritual concepts advise us that if we accept certain saviors or abide by certain rules we will be saved from an “eternal damnation.” Well eternal damnation is about enough to scare the pants off of anyone (it certainly did me for a while); and potentially get them to “walk the straight and narrow” (whatever the hell that is).

Then there’s the more upbeat and “up to date” pontificators in religious crowds that are more like motivational speakers than traditional preachers. Rather than the fear of hell fire and damnation, they propagate that God’s will is to make you “prosperous” and constantly “bless you.” In other words, rather than saving myself from “eternal damnation” I’ll be “saved from poverty, pain and suffering right now; and become endlessly abundant and prosperous.

But what does all that really mean? If everyone was meant to be a multi-millionaire how much would multiple millions be worth? It’s already much less than it used to be, as our standard of living (and cost thereof) has continued to rise (particularly in the West).

The close cousin to the prosperity preachers in religious circles, are those in personal development. Those who teach that if you learn the “law of attraction” properly or you “learn the latest brain technique to eradicate limiting beliefs” (my Facebook feed is full of them), you’ll attract multiple millions; and nothing will ever come to you but what you deem to be good. Bees’ wont sting and your stuff won’t stink.

To a large degree I realize in retrospect that while not totally espousing these fantasies in the past… I was doing so to a large degree. I was a close cousin. I was wrong. I was living in denial. My intention was good; and I apologize.

But let me ask again, what do those “good things” really mean? And what are multiple millions worth if everybody “has what they think they want?” Please don’t just gloss over those last two questions. They may just totally change your life.

What we’ve completely missed in our culture is that if you trace the root of the world “prosperity” back to its origins… it translates as “to travel” or we could also say “to grow.” Please read that again. Its true definition (at least originally) had nothing to do with money and materialism.

Does Universal Intelligence/God want you to “continually prosper?” You bet IT does! For as we continue to remind ourselves, ITS prime directive is further expansion, experience and expression. In other words. To travel forward and to “prosper” in the truest sense of the word. Please tell me that you’re really thinking.

True Wealth is not an external possession, it’s an internal realization

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Truth be told, what we tend to call “darkness” or “negative” is primarily (if not entirely) defined in most cases by what we think we don’t want versus what we think we want. But what we think we want is ultimately wrong! Yes, I know that’s bold.

“In the entire Universe there is only one Mind”

~ Erwin Schrodinger

Let me make another bold proposal… what we really ultimately want is to think in alignment with Universal Intelligence, for there is only one mind. When we’re out of alignment with that only one mind we’re experiencing what in psychology they call “cognitive dissonance.” Cognitive dissonance is simply put, attempting to hold two completely contrary ideas simultaneously in one mind.

Think about this aspiring alchemist… if Universal Intelligence/Life/God is doing it’s dead level best to continually move forward (fuller expression, experience and expansion), IT must know more than you or I the best way to make this happen, right?

But here you are operating from your small personal will of how things “should be” and resisting the process. Cognitive dissonance my friend. Your small mind and its childish plans rooted in ignorance are constantly bumping up against Infinite Cosmic Will and attempting to conform it to your finite personal will. Can you get your mind around this?

Guess who’s going to ultimately lose the battle? Guess who’s going to be miserable, distraught and frustrated in the process?

If you’re asking “what does this have to do with alchemy?” The answer is, everything! Please think and think deeply.

Next time we’ll explore “hell” more fully but let me end with one more bold statement. When answering the question, “How do I become awakened, powerful, creative, and go to heaven?” Those already awake answer, “Go to hell.”

Keep your questions and comments coming—I read each and every one and respond as often as possible.

Stay awake and Love Life,



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