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Mind is the Matrix of all Matter.
~ Max Planck

If you’ve been following the Axioms of the Leader Master-Mind series for any length of time, you should know about the above quote by now.

But the real question, is: “Do you KNOW it.”

There’s a vast difference between “knowing about” something and really knowing it.

You can read every book in the world on gourmet cooking,
but you don’t know gourmet cooking;
you know ABOUT gourmet cooking. Big difference.
The ONLY way to know is to do.

chefs busy cooking

This series literally contains all the principles and strategies for complete Success, Superhuman Performance, and Achievement in both your life and business.

But you must commit to more than just learning it, you must study it.

Then you must commit to do more than just study it, you must apply it.

Application begins the process of truly understanding it.

But it doesn’t end there either.

You must, through continued application, analyzation, adjustment, and action once again, embody it.

And eventually over time you BECOME it.

And ONLY when you become it do you have any degree of wisdom.

Success is hard.
Therefore, find something you love.
If you don’t love it, you’ll quit.
~ Steve Jobs

Look, science tells us that there’s only one mind; and this mind is omnipresent. 

Science also tells us that not only is everything comprised of this energetic consciousness (Mind), but everything that could possibly ever exists is in this Mind.

Leaders Master Their Mind

Thermodynamics as well as quantum physics tells us that “Energy can never be created or destroyed. All that ever was or shall be is already here.”


Therefore, everything that ever existed, or ever could exist, is accessible to you right here and now. You must only grow up and wake up enough to access it; and become a vehicle for it.

So, in this last installment in the Leader Master-Mind series, I want to recap the entire 10 Axioms quickly; and then I invite you if you’re truly ready to level-up your Leadership in both your life and business, to reach out to me and my team for either coaching or even better, to attend a live event with me.

These are not the Axioms in their entirety. I’ve made them somewhat cryptic for brevity sake.

They all exist individually in detail in previous blogs and YouTube videos in this series:

Here goes:

  1. There’s a thinking substance that permeates and penetrates everything in this Universe.
  2. To think TRUTH regardless of appearances is TRUE Mastery.
  3. Every single person has the God-given ability to think whatever they choose to think.
  4. Every thought upon the formless substance creates a thought FORM. But the thought must be consistently held and FELT.
  5. Because the will of God is INCREASE, for any thought to work in harmony with the will of God, it must convey increase.
  6. Every thought creates the pathway for another thought. Life MUST create more life!
  7. The true Leader and Master-Mind knows that he need not hurry, he need not compete.
  8. The true Leader must always and only stay in the Creative Mind and continuously focus on more increase.
  9. Leaders can, and must, desire to constantly expand and grow, while remaining completely satisfied with what they currently have.
  10. The Leader is always grateful for what he has, for he realizes that life is a blessing and a gift.

Now you “know about” these fundamental Leadership principles.

What are you going to do to know them?

What are you going to do to integrate them, and embody them?

There’s more.

There’s always more.

I hope you allow me and my team to help you.



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