Climbing the Right Ladder

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Let me promise you that struggle is a part of the process. For it’s in the struggle that potential greatness is born.

When I was in competitive bodybuilding I struggled daily to either push more weight; or to push the same weight more times.

The Law of Correspondence tells us that if you want to know how one thing works look at how something else works. For everything is repeating patterns in the universe.

It’s in the struggle that potential greatness is born.

Extraordinary benefits come to those who are willing to push just a little longer than the masses. Nothing great was ever accomplished easily. Chances are very high that if what you’re doing is easy, it has slim to no chance of being great.

There’s always a price for greatness.The question is are you willing to pay it? Read more about it here.

Nothing great ever came easy. If it’s easy, it’s probably not bound for greatness.image-nothing ever came easy-james-arthur-ray

But here’s a very important caveat.

You must make sure the ladder, or mountain, your struggling to climb is leaning against the right wall.

You must be climbing the right ladder.

Many I coach have climbed the so-called ladder of their own success only to realize it’s leaning against the wrong wall. Make sure your outcome is yours before you begin.

Are you on the wrong wall?

Are you climbing the right ladder?

Actually research proves that more are on the wrong wall, and the wrong ladder, than the right one.

Society conditions us that certain things are sexy, exciting, attractive and desirable. I can promise you that once you get there… they’re not.

Unless they’re your thing.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
~ T. S. Elliotmaxresdefault

If extraordinary benefits, as we stated earlier, come to those willing to push just a bit further and longer… likewise, extraordinary benefits come to those who have the courage to quit.

Quit doing the wrong things
so you have the time and energy to do the right things.

I call this type of quitting “Strategic Quitting”; and I’ve written a previous blog on the concept so I won’t go into it in depth here. <reference strategic quitting blog>

If you don’t have the potential to become great at it, quit! It’s not your thing. Be brutally honest with yourself and get on your own path; and get on with your work. Life is too short to waste.aid1

Strategic Quitting is not giving up. Those who give up are operating from weakness or fatigue. Those who are climbing the right ladder keep climbing. Even when it burns. Even when it’s hard.

Even more so when it’s hard and burns.

The hard and the burn remind you that you’re doing something. Nothing great ever came easy.

If it doesn’t take every single thing you have then it’s probably not your quest.

Which ladder are you on?

Is it yours?

Are you sure about that?

Either get busy quitting or get busy climbing.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!