Business is Spiritual

Business is Spiritual

Spirituality is not only chanting, praying or meditating.
Business is spiritual. Everything is spiritual!

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Business is a spiritual affair…

Entrepreneurship is a spiritual affair…

Money is a spiritual affair…

Health and fitness are spiritual affairs…

Relationships are a spiritual affair…

When properly understood. The whole of life is a spiritual affair.

Unfortunately, this is most often completely misunderstood.

At some point you must come to the realization that the entirety of your life is
your spiritual practice. Money, business, leadership, entrepreneurship,
relationships, health. Everything.

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You see, when we realize that Spirit is the Animating Life Force of this Universe, then we realize EVERYTHING is Spiritual.

Many believe that spirituality is something you do….

Go to church or synagogue or mosque once a week…

Pray or meditate once per day…

Read The Bible, The Koran, or the Torah.

Chant and circumambulate, bow, rub crystals and burn sage.

But these are only methods, means and practices that potentially get you to a spiritual state and experience.

True Spirituality is not something you do. True Spirituality is who you are.

And who you are ultimately determines what you do.

I was speaking with a client the other day who stated, “When I’m at work it’s all business. When I’m on vacation, it’s all about spirituality and taking care of myself.”

I responded, “Magic and mastery reside in merging the two.”  This is the outcome of “The Law of Three” which we don’t have the time or space to get into here.

The Law of Three states that all polar opposites join to birth a third.
There is always a result. Even when you do nothing.

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When you access the state of centered and confident spirit in the middle of a business crisis or utter chaos, that’s when you truly have it. Not just when you’re on vacation or meditating.

It’s pretty easy to be the Buddha sitting on your chair or cushion meditating.
But put yourself in a relationship or business crises, and you may quickly find
out how Buddha you’re not! When you have it in crisis then you have it.

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When you can turn your spiritual states into permanent traits then you are it.

Read here: How can you use your Spiritual Power to Create Practical Results?

States are temporary and can give you a temporary taste.
Traits are permanent and define your identity.

James Arthur Ray

Spirituality is everything. It’s accessing infinite spiritual power and bringing that power into every single aspect of your Life and Living.

This is true leadership; and true leadership is a spiritual affair.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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