Life and Business are for Gladiators

Life and Business are for Gladiators

The greatest battle you’ll ever fight is the battle to be unique.
It’s a battle where every force around you
will marshal its energies to keep you the same.

brown and orange chess pieces

Leaders are God’s Gladiators.

Now I know this might sound a bit surprising or silly, but please stick with me and it will become completely clear.

Let’s break this down.

What is God?

God is NOT a name, it’s a title. Most all traditions have a name for God: Brahman, Yaweh, Jehovah, etc.

“God” on the other hand is a description of a position. Like CEO or King.

What is a gladiator?

Gladiators were warriors that fought under and for the King. One of the most famous gladiators of all time was Spartacus. In fact, much of the movie Gladiator is based upon his life.

Spartacus was a true-life historical soldier of the King who rose in favor and fame; and then was betrayed and sold as a slave.

This is an example of the Archetypal Heroes Journey that we all must fight and face for our own greatness.

Archetypes according to Carl Jung are embedded in the Collective Consciousness.

What does this have to do with Leadership, Life and Business?


Look, let’s not sugar coat it. Life is a battle. Period.

Business is a battle. Period.

And if you’re not willing to fight you’ll never truly LIVE.

Life is a battle. Business is a battle.
If you’re not willing to fight for what you
believe in and stand for, you stand for nothing.

one chess piece standing while others are falling down

Countless so-called spiritual aspirants want to talk Peace and Love and Perfection; and I agree LIFE IS Peace and Love and Perfection.

Yes, life is meant for peace, love and perfection; and you must work to earn it.
You must break free from your past and let go of socialized mind.

girl holding a flower at a field

But what we often fail to realize is that The Christ (another one of God’s Gladiators), taught that “The kingdom of Heaven is within.”

All these qualities must exist INSIDE before you’ll EVER experience them outside.

Your internal world must get there before
your external world ever will.

face of a man all in white

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying.

You will do battle in the arena outside yourself for Good, God and Greatness; but the greatest battle you’ll EVER fight is the battle inside.

Until you get it in your inner world, you’ll never get it in your outer world.
Regardless of what “it” is.

man looking at his reflection on a broken mirror

Every time I write or speak about “thinking for yourself” or “being unique” someone responds to the effect of: “I do think for myself” or “I’ve always been unique.”

What’s the One Thing you can choose to do and have the ability to achieve it? Read more about it here.

Not so fast.

Why do you “like” and “want” certain things over others?

Did you choose that for yourself? Or is it your programming?

Before you’re too quick to state that you’re unique or you think  for yourself,
why do you want certain things over others?
Did you choose it for yourself is or it programming?

man in black hoodie sitting on bench near green trees

Just because you’ll dress different or do something funky compared to most… why are you doing that? Because it’s original?

Or to “prove to others” that you’re “different” or “unique.”

That’s not genuine.

The true definition of success is “The ability to do what you choose to do, and what you’re born to do, with excellence and greatness.”

That presupposes that you know what those things are… apart from your programming or socialized mind.

The true definition of success is “The ability to do what you choose to do;
and to fulfill your unique purpose; and to do it with excellence.”

James Arthur Ray

Not to “prove” anything.

You do it just to be your authentic self and to fulfill your purpose.

Authentic Leaders give themselves to a cause and calling far beyond their own personal desires and needs.

And they’re willing to fight for it.

What’s your cause and calling?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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