Bersabeh was born in Iran in 1981. Iran was at war with Iraq and had already been so since 1980. 

Growing up in a war-torn country as a child, with bombs literally dropping on your neighbors’ houses, was traumatic to say the least.

To see people gunned down on the street in cold-blood right before your eyes as a child was next to impossible to process. To experience tragic accidents that involved her mother and father being taken by military force in front of her eyes at the tender age of  4 was traumatic beyond description.

Bersabeh had nightmares nearly every night until her late teens.

In 1987 at the tender age of 6, she and her family escaped from Iran across the desert in the dead of night, at the risk of being killed. Landing in Pakistan the hardships were only beginning. 

Finally arriving in America several years later, the journey continued. With her parents both scrambling to support 3 children, they were never home. Forcing Bersabeh to grow up quickly to care for her brother still in diapers. Bersabeh really never had a childhood.

Not knowing how to speak English and with both parents being absent each day, she was a “foreigner” at school. Looking for acceptance, Bersabeh fell into gang behavior and the culture of drugs and alcohol in the rough areas of Phoenix, AZ.

Bersabeh knows challenge and how life can appear to be unfair. With the upbringing and foundation she had, she ended up married and in an abusive relationship. 

Finding the courage to leave after 5 years, she had nothing but the clothes on her back once again.

When Bersabeh met James, he was homeless and $20M in debt. Shortly thereafter they built a rock-solid relationship that has been crafted in the war of financial and social hardship. 

Bersabeh knows what it takes to earn Redemption. As an incredible intuitive she does consultations with those committed to heal and integrate the past and take their power back. No one knows how to do this healing and integration more than Bersabeh.

Intuitive Consultation with Bersabeh

All great businesspeople as well as relationships use their intuition. Intuition is tapping into something beyond mere logic. Top entrepreneurs constantly report they make decisions on intuition or gut feelings versus logic.

Bersabeh has been extremely gifted since very early in life with an intuitive ability that goes far beyond her own logic; and she is very practical.

In these 55-minute consultations Bersabeh taps into what Carl Jung calls the “Collective Consciousness” and tunes into your life, business, and relationships.

Then, utilizing her extensive gifts and background she helps you decide how to make practical decisions, take action, and achieve all you desire and deserve.

Schedule a consultation with Bersabeh and free yourself from your blind spots, old feelings, and deeply rooted programming that are keeping you tired and stuck.

"You have no guarantee that life will be easy, but you can be sure that you make your life meaningful."