Begin at the Beginning

One of the biggest lies you’ve been sold
is that being well-rounded is the key to success.Begin-at-the-Beginning-james-arthur-ray

Let’s face it. Most of the things you’ve been taught in traditional school, and society overall, are just flat-out wrong!


You bet.


No question.

Look, I’ve invested over 30 years in studying ultimate performers and those who master their craft. I can promise you that those who master their craft in life are not well rounded.

Nor are they “balanced.”

Balance and mastery cannot coexist in the same space.

While I’ve been debunking the concept of balance since my 2008 New York Times Bestselling Harmonic Wealth, The Secret of Attracting What You Want, most are still not listening.

Actually I was debunking it long before the book.

Masters are in harmony and completely consumed with their magnificent obsession.
Also known as their purpose.

Stephen Jobs was a billionaire and he had no furniture in his house. But he did have 35 copies of the same identical black turtleneck.

Warren Buffett is worth $66 billion and lives in the same $31, 500 home he purchased in 1958.

Michelangelo lived in the same small one bedroom warehouse-like apartment for 2 years, never leaving, rarely sleeping. When he did sleep he slept with his clothes on so when he woke up he could get up and get at it while carving and creating David.

I could go on but I think you get the point.

Life and fulfillment are not about things or money. They’re about meaning.

Those who produce world-class work…

Those who bring their gifts fully and completely to the world…

Are obsessed with one thing, and one thing only.

Any time I have seen someone accomplishing something magnificent, they have been a monomaniac with a mission. A single-minded individual with a passion.
~ Peter Druckerdrucker2

Masters are not in balance. Balance is the bullshit spoon fed to the masses. Masters are in harmony with their unique genius and purpose. This is true wealth.

While the difference between harmony and balance may seem to be semantics, I can assure you it’s not.

Balance implies that all things are in perfect equilibrium in your life. Who do you know that has this?

No one.

Not a chance.

Even those that teach so-called balance are not in balance.

Masters are not in balance. Balance is the bullshit being spoon-fed to the masses. Masters are in harmony with their unique genius and purpose.
This is true wealth.

When we “begin at the beginning” we begin to deprogram the thinking we’ve allowed ourselves to assimilate; and we begin a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

So what is the mastery and greatness hack? Check it out here.

When you find your One Thing, your Magnificent Obsession,
a life of true fulfillment and purpose has begun.

When this is found all else: clothes, cars, houses, maybe even furniture, become superfluous to your objective and outcome.

This is magic.

Have you found it?

When would NOW be the time?

Let me help you…

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!