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How To Become A Life Coach.

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your interest in potentially becoming a Promethean Life Coach.

As you know, there’s never been a time in history where there was a greater need for true leaders; and in this age of the entrepreneur, there’s also never been a better time than now, to lead the field and build a business with your own unique gifts and greatness.

I promise, it won’t be easy. Nor is it supposed to be. If it were easy then everyone would be a leader in today’s world.

It takes work, time and energy, grit and resilience, and a commitment to a cause far beyond your own personal needs in the moment.

While it’s not easy, the rewards are vast; and the legacy you’ll leave on the lives and businesses of others will far surpass the confines of your own personal lifespan.

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Life Coaching is currently over a $1 Billion industry and the second fasting growing industry in the world.

Business Consulting is a $250 Billion industry and predicted to double in the next five years.

With rapid reduction in payroll jobs, loss of markets and massive disruption, people are looking for assistance not only in building and scaling their business, but in building and living a fulfilling life.

Do you have a drive to make an impact coaching the lives and businesses of others?

Are you interested in living your own dream by helping others live theirs?

Then maybe Prometheus Academy is perfect for you.

It’s like nothing else out there.

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We like to call it the Navy Seals School of Life Coaching and Consulting

We’re only committed to work with individuals who are committed to working and playing at world-class levels.

If this is you, then fill out the application and let’s talk.


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