Awaken the Titan

When you choose to pursue your greatness, most around you will not support you.
They can’t. They’re not bad people, they’re good people.
It’s just that their own resistance won’t allow them to do what you’re doing.awaken-titan-james-arthur-ray

You’re born to be great.

You were born with your own personal brand of greatness, genius, and gift residing deep within you.

Even if you’re unconscious of this truth, it’s a fact nonetheless.

Even though you have a gift, don’t expect greatness to come easy.

It won’t.

It’ll take hard work, time, and perseverance.

Don’t expect others to understand and support you.

They won’t.

They can’t.

Some individuals are born to defy all we believe to be true;
So we can all begin to believe once again.born to defy-james-arthur-ray-image

We’re all programmed with a herd mentality.

We’re programmed to think and act with the group.

Most are uncomfortable being alone.

Most would rather do anything than spend time with themselves and by themselves.

If you can’t spend a minimum of one hour in your own living room with no television,
no book, no music, no pet, no writing,
no people, no food, no alcohol, no distraction whatsoever.
Then you don’t like your own company very much.

We think the herd mentality and “belonging” protects us, but it actually limits us.

This mentality served us when we were back on the Serengeti and at the constant threat of beast and foe.

But it doesn’t serve any longer.

Often we’re so busy attempting to fit in and be liked,
That we suppress our ability to be great.

Johnny Ive, the design genius behind Steve Jobs, once observed Jobs coming down hard on one of this team members. Walking away together Johnny said, “Steve, you were too hard on that team member.”

Jobs stopped; and replied, “Stop being so vain. You’re more concerned with being liked that you are with putting out a world-class product.”

Seeking approval of others is like collecting Monopoly money. It might look good and feel good, but you can’t spend it; and it stifles creativity and self-reliance.

There’s a Titan sleeping within you; and it’s poised and ready to be awakened.

Please understand, when you choose to pursue your greatness, most people will not support you.

They won’t understand you.

Some will attack you.

They will attempt to limit you.

Even those that love you the most.

It’s not because they’re bad people, they’re not.

They’re good people.

It’s just because they can’t.

If you’re going to take a stand for your greatness,
you have to be willing to stand alone.4eac3bd7a7ceb

Most are unable to get beyond their own resistance and contraction; and therefore they project their own fears and demons upon you.

When we see others living their own authentic self, and pursuing their own purpose and greatness, it drives us crazy when we’re not doing the same.

People will often project their own fears and contraction upon you.
If they can get you to contract from your greatness, it makes them feel better and more secure in their own contraction.
This doesn’t serve them or you.

When I left AT&T to start my own business in 1992, I remember my beloved mother being incredibly frightened.

I was leaving “a secure job with a big company.”

I was also leaving a job that I had outgrown.

Mom said to me, “Son, are you sure you’re doing the right thing? You have good salary, benefits, and retirement. Leaving is really risky.”

The greatest risk in today’s world is taking no risk.

You see, the closer you come to awakening the titan within you, the more bizarre and difficult those around you will become.

Just understand that they’re wrestling with their own resistance and projecting it upon you.

Observe it for what it is.

You don’t have to agree with their behavior, just understand it.

The true titan is an artist who is monomaniacal about bringing his unique brand of creativity to the world.

Expect to be misunderstood and often thought eccentric by the masses. Most are still mentally locked in the herd mentality of the Serengeti.

Feel compassion for them.

Yet, resolve to not be them.

Resolve to show them and yourself and the world who you are; who they are; who we all truly are.

Ask yourself the question: Do You Know Who You Are and Why?

To be great is to be misunderstood.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stay Awake, Love Life and Be Epic!