Authentic Leaders Needed

Authentic Leaders Needed

Authentic leaders know who they are; and they help others know the same.

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There’s so much talk in today’s disruptive world about the onset of AI’s, causing jobs, as well as entire industries, to be phased out.

Most are asleep.

Most are either too busy with the busyness of their bills and daily life that they’re not paying attention.

Pay attention or pay with pain.

girl looking at herself in the broken mirror

The old adage that philosophers have encourage since antiquity, “Know thyself” has never been more important or truer than today.

Yet, study after study confirms that very few people have any degree of self-awareness.

Even though this is the only thing that makes us sentient.

Self-Awareness and the ability to feel are the only things that separate us from the AI’s that many individuals fear are taking over our world.

No matter what some science fiction writers show, there is not one single shred
of evidence that AI’s can feel. Understanding and directing your own inner
world is your only salvation. How are you doing on that one?

google eyes

It’s a fact that Google and others are literally hacking your inner world.

Maybe you’ve noticed that when you begin typing into Google, the search field is auto-populated with a variety of topics and conclusions based upon your past searches.

While you may think Google is convenient, and it often is, it’s also frightening when you consider the vast implications.

Without tremendous effort and work, Google and other large corporations will know you better than you know yourself.

Now that Google is reading your mind, your innermost desires and fears, you

should probably start doing that for yourself.

Self-Awareness is paramount in the new world.

girl looking happy in the mirror

Psychology tells us that fully 95% of what you do daily is habitual. Habits are driven fully and completely by your unconscious mind (UCM).

When you live 95% of your life unconsciously, that makes you no better than a machine. Do you get this?

Very soon Google and other large corporations are going to know more about
your internal world—likes, dislikes, habits, desires, fears—than you know about
yourself. Anyone who knows your internal world has control of your behavior.

girl finding identity

Authentic Leaders know who they are and why.

They have done the work; and believe me, it takes a lot of work.

Have you ever attempted to sit in a mindfulness practice and control your own thinking?

If you have then you very quickly realize how little control you have.

If you can’t control your own thoughts, are you thinking or being thought?

Who’s the thinker?

James Arthur Ray

To lead others…

To thrive in the new world…

To become indispensable…

You must first lead yourself.

Self-Leadership and Self-Awareness are job number one; and this is not just a nice idea.

It’s imperative.

The clock is ticking.

What are you going to do?

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!



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