Aspire to True Greatness

Aspire to True Greatness

The more you achieve the collective values,
the more you realize they’re not what you seek.

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Regardless of where you currently reside in your own life journey…

Regardless of whether you’re currently thriving or merely surviving…

Regardless of what you’re currently doing…

Regardless of whether you believe it or not!

I realize that while you may have read the quote regarding collective values at the beginning of this treatise… it’s potentially very difficult (if not next to impossible), for you to get your mind around. Unless of course, you’ve been there.

Its resonance depends upon where you currently reside in your own journey of mastery and greatness. It all depends upon how hard you’ve bitten into, chewed, and swallowed “The Lie.”

“Sometimes you’ve been so heavily conditioned in a lie…
That truth itself knocks at your door and you turn it away.”
~ The Buddha


The Lie tells you that someday you will hopefully reach a place where you’ll get enough stuff, enough things, enough accomplishments, enough recognition, enough fill-in-the-blank-something that Life will finally “have arrived” and all your cares, troubles, and challenges will be over.

But what if this is as good as Life gets?

Right here, right now.

Are you making the best of it?

Are you appreciating it?

Are you squeezing every ounce of juice out of it?

It’s as if the mass majority of us spend our entire lifetime metaphorically looking for our feet. Yet your feet are obviously ever present and with you at all times. Do you follow the metaphor?

What does any of this have to do with Mastery, Genius, and Greatness?

Let’s see… oh, just about everything!

We discussed in the past that true genius holds little value for social recognition or approval (also read monetary compensation as well as acceptance, and any other social measure). Instead, they opt to pursue their own values, purpose, and aspirations versus those things society tends to encourage us to go after.

Easier said than done.

Please realize that by no means am I suggesting that money is not important—it is important! What I am suggesting… is that it’s not the primary focus of true mastery. Even Abraham Maslow knew this years ago and discussed survival as the lowest level on his human hierarchy of needs.

Ironically, those who pursue their own genius; and develop and leverage their own Innate Ability; are the ones who not only live the wealthiest lives (measured by wellbeing, joy, engagement, adventure, purpose, and fulfillment); ironically they also frequently achieve the monetary compensation and social rewards that they never really had as a point of focus, to begin with.

Funny how that works.


But then again… I realize after working with literally hundreds of thousands of people, from all walks of life; and from 143 different countries around the world; that this vicarious experience I’m giving you is very difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend if you’ve never yet been there. Nothing trumps personal experience.

So what is this quality of genius that we’re discussing right now?

First and foremost, the master genius holds a high value for what we’ll term “aspiration” versus desire.

While these two terms may seem like synonyms, I’m going to suggest that there’s a subtle (although vast) difference between desire and aspiration.

“The cause of all suffering is ungratified desire.”
~ The Buddha


Desire is of the lower un-awakened self, and aspiration compels the higher. Simply put:

Aspiration is purpose…

Aspiration is fullness of potential…

Aspiration is contribution…

Aspiration is legacy…

It’s calling you, are you listening?

Our highest and most awakened self aspires to greatness. Greatness in the truest sense of the word: which is actualizing your true Superhuman Potential.

It’s a fact that at no time does the Higher Self and true Genius potentially awaken more fully than in times of great challenge and crisis. For it’s in The Struggle, and the austere moments of life, that we’re truly defined.

It’s in these moments of potential pain that we come back to the heart; we remember our purpose and deepest values; and mere life becomes Life Unleashed.

It’s in the struggle that true greatness is born.

Jobs, Gates, Beethoven, Mozart, Van Gogh all other greats went through The Struggle. For nothing great can be birthed without it.

It’s in these unique and powerful moments of struggle, both internally and externally, that we potentially align more fully with something much greater than ourselves.

Here true aspiration, the pull to transcend, to rise above the mundane, calls and compels; true greatness beckons; and our small personal will surrenders just a bit more fully to the force by which Universes are formed.

Aspiration tends to pull us vertically to more clarity, awareness, purpose, and vast human potential. It’s important to note that one of the definitions of “to aspirate” is to “draw in, or fill with, breathe.”

This breath is obviously the very force of life itself.

Now there’s something deep to ponder.

Please stick with me on this…

If aspiration (breath) pulls us higher and vertically… desire on the other hand tends to push us more linear and horizontal. Desire is often disguised as aspiration, but the intention of each is vastly different.

It’s only a matter of time before the true objective becomes clear.

Ungratified desire, or we could also say avarice and prodigality, has stymied more potential genius and stolen more greatness than possibly anything else in its class.

True aspiration pulls us to the higher awakening and awareness
of our Superhuman Potential, purpose, and genius.
While desire tends to push us to more acquisition,
accumulation and recognition.

Interestingly the word desire comes from the Latin translating as “from the heavens,” but in our material mindset we most often misinterpret this infusion and pull to higher levels of awareness; and therefore we focus our efforts on the horizontal material push.

I know this can be a bit complicated, so please re-read as necessary and ponder deeply.

Your genius, mastery, and greatness might just be contingent upon it.

Both the pull or push can be subtle and therefore deceiving; and I submit this fundamental principle and distinction is what separates the individual who pursues true mastery and genius from those who do not.

This is true whether they’re consciously aware of it or not.

The master is compelled and pulled to something of great contribution;
while the beginner is pushed by social norms and collective values.

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Through adversity (and the subsequent wisdom that it so often brings) the master learns greater wisdom, and tenacity of purpose. He develops the commitment and perseverance needed to continue. It’s this struggle and perseverance that become one of the trademarks of true genius.

“If it takes apparent misfortune to turn us into true philosophers and doers of good to receive good, then apparent misfortune is our greatest fortune.”
~ Vernon Howard

In further editions we’ll discuss the exact amount of time research proves must be invested to achieve mastery. Suffice to say that it’s not a paltry task or quick achievement by any stretch of the imagination.

This is the reason that those on the path of mastery often appear to care little about “fitting in” or valuing the things that the masses value. They’ve got work to do.

For the more he accesses his true genius, the more amplified this pull becomes. For he begins to truly know who he is and his clear purpose in life.

As a result, the most common desires may tend to wane—with the realization that these desires are not “bad” in-and-of-themselves for all things are good… they are just unnecessary.

A key distinction is made: While these desires may have provided a “kick-start” on the road to mastery at a lower point of awareness… he now knows that this was but a misinterpretation of a much greater pull.

For no amount of money, recognition, acceptance or things can bring true and lasting fulfillment. Nor can they provide purpose.

Please read that again.

While the beginner sleeps, the master sacrifices.
While the beginner parties and plays, the master pursues his purpose.
While the beginner waffles and wobbles, the master is about his work.
And in both cases their life reflects the difference.

James Arthur Ray

The most brilliant awakening of the master is that the entirety of his purpose is development, advancement, and growth.

If you’re committed to growth and learning then you will naturally seek out “mistakes.” Read it here.

To develop his genius…

To master his craft…

For in this outcome alone is his own personal greatness born.

Most true geniuses are way ahead of their time. But we’ve covered a tremendous amount of information for one week… maybe even a lifetime. So we’ll save this one for later.

And the journey continues…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

james arthur ray



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