The Art of Warrior Leadership

The Art of Warrior Leadership

The greatest battle you’ll ever fight is the battle to be unique.
It’s a battle in which the entire world will marshal
every force against you. It’s a battle that never ends. 

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So many people feel their life is spinning out of control right now.

Many believe their country, as well as the world in general, is in a major state of chaos.


Ground yourself in universal principles.

Get your personal life in order and your business life will follow.

Warrior Leadership is not about war in the outer world as much as it is turning the war inward.

The battle to be unique.

To confront your own demons and resistance.

To walk a different path from the masses, and thereby become masterful.

Your results in all areas are a reflection of you.
If you want your results to change, you must change.

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Warrior Leadership is not all about you and your spoils. Far from it.

It’s about being wise enough and committed enough to fight for what’s right in your mind and world.

To go all in.

To give everything you have, and to leave it all on the field each and every day.

Warrior leadership has nothing to do with having “followers.”

If you have followers, you encourage and push them to become leaders as well.

Warrior leadership is about helping people develop the courage and
congruence to make their own decisions and live their own life.

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Warrior leadership is an art because it has a heart.

True warrior leaders devote themselves to a cause that’s bigger than themselves.

They fight for honor, truth, and betterment for the entire country and clan.

Warrior leaders fight for honor, truth, and betterment,
not just for themselves, but for the entire country and clan.
Key insight: the entire world is your country and of the world on the hand

Following are 7 principles of Warrior Leadership; and how you can develop yourself more fully.

To allow you to get back to your battle and make the most of your time, I’ll cover 3 principles this week and 4 in the next installment:

1. Self-Command

True leadership is not about a title, position, or hierarchy. That’s just positional power.

True leaders lead by example and they lead their own lives first and foremost.

How are you leading your own life?

Do you have clarity around your mission and purpose?

And do you know what you believe in and what you value most highly?

Do you have a clear target?

Are you autonomous enough to set your own goals and targets? Based upon your own values?

Regardless of whether others understand or agree?

Do you have the willpower to give yourself a command and then follow it? No matter what?

You can’t lead others until you first lead yourself.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

The greatest Warrior Leaders direct the battle inward. Into the recesses of their own heart, soul, and mind. They fight the resistance caused by fear, self-doubt, and self-preservation.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the god of the battlefield was Phobos. The God of Fear; and Phobos must be slain.

 2. Courage

In the ancient days, the king always led the charge. That is if he was a warrior. Oh yes, there were kings that went to battle and set back while their troops battled and took risks.

But they weren’t warriors.

Do you have the courage to step up to the battle?

To lead your own charge whatever that may be?

You see, your “cause” matters less than your having the courage to give it your all; and the congruence to continually charge forward.

3. Selflessness

Warrior Leaders don’t fight for themselves alone. We’ve mentioned this but it bears repeating.

They don’t think of their own creature comforts and gains because they realize that soft and cushy comforts create soft and weak people.

History proves that Alexander the Great had little need for creature comforts. He was driven by a higher cause and cared for those who assisted him.

Warrior Leaders get up.

They get after it.

And they set aside their own personal desires and needs for the greater good.

They sacrifice for the evolution, growth, and betterment of all.

In Sparta, young boys lived at home with their mothers until they were seven.

At that point, they were taken away and trained for war.

In today’s world children live at home well into their twenties and the only war many trains for are video game wars.

Do you see a problem here?

Soft and cushy circumstances make soft and weak people.
Weekend football warriors and video game warriors are not real warriors.

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Warrior Leaders sacrifice for their cause. They’re truly selfless.

Let me tell you something I know about being selfless. Read it here

Let go of the nonsense that you won’t have to sacrifice
for your cause and your own greatness. You will have to make sacrifices.


Get over it. Get on with it. If it doesn’t take you in the direction of your grand purpose it’s wasting your time.

Warrior Leaders live their values above and beyond their own moods.

In closing let me just reiterate that Warrior Leadership is an art.

It has heart, purpose, and soul.

Meaning and purpose stir the soul.

There’s more to come in the next installment…

There’s always more.

More to come, and the journey continues…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose, and Take Your Power Back!




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