Are You Ready for a Fundamental Shift?

Are you ready for a fundamental shift…

This is long. I make no apologies. This is deep. If you’re not interested in keeping an open mind and pondering your Life long and deep, then it’s probably not for you. Or if you don’t have time right now… set it aside and come back later. I’ll wait right there.

Over the last several weeks we’ve been exploring a historical journey which, if you’ve been really thinking, has potentially told you volumes about what has contributed to, and created, not only current society but the mindset upon which it’s founded. This obviously is inclusive of your own.

While the journey we’re taking thus far has been quite lengthy for the blog world… I can assure you it’s much accelerated as you consider that we’re spanning over 12,000 years.

Now why does this make any difference to growing your business, increasing your fulfillment in all areas, expanding your life? Why should you care?

Because if you don’t know how you ended up where you are; and why you do what you do… you won’t know what must be done to move forward in a new direction. Do you follow?

Creating the life your intention is as much about letting go of that which no longer serves you, as it is about embracing that which does.

If you don’t know your internal software and operating system you won’t know what needs to be transformed, replaced or reprogrammed. Recognition is the first law of learning and transformation.

By the way… if you happen to consider yourself fairly non-religious, non-spiritual. Agnostic, or even an atheist, you may think all this exploration of the evolution of consciousness and how mankind thinks of its deity not important. Let me strongly urge you to think again. I submit that it’s very important for you. In fact it’s vital!

If you don’t know the pages of your life story that have led you to today…

Chances are great you won’t know where your stories going tomorrow

Christianity (which we’re quickly coming upon), and its fundamental tenets have indoctrinated every single social structure in our world… including government and commerce. And if you’re really open to see this… you’ll realize that this includes your psyche as well—irrespective of your current conscious beliefs.

If you’re paying attention, this brief journey through time is showing us that the way we worship and how we define our deity is how we build our institutions; and our lives. Did you get that? Please read that again.

Mankind’s ultimate search for meaning and fulfillment cannot be denied. 

One of the things that history proves, is that every new Era begins with a social stressor which triggers intense polarization. By the way, our personal lives are identically the same. Please ponder that one as you attempt to completely de-stress your life. Nothing grows or evolves without stress. Nothing.

Nowhere is this more evident in our current environment, than between the Democratic and Republican party; also between fundamental religion and the prosperity preachers/personal development teachers.

We’re on the precipice of a new emergent. I’m calling this Innate Ability Development™ but ultimately that’s just a label. Call it, or label it, what you will for labels are ultimately meaningless. (Reference Ask James Anything Live Part 1). Regardless, my experience proves it self-evident that a total shift is brewing in our world.

Okay, so let’s continue.

In 166 B.C.E. the age of Pisces dawned with a new promise of order and enlightenment. The basic Solar Myth that originally worshiped the literal Sun (as well as various Sun Gods), crystalized and transmuted into scores of religions worshiping (and receiving salvation) from a dying and resurrecting Godman. Please read that again.

This death and resurrection was modeled after the Suns journey across the heavens to “die” in the West, and be “reborn” in the East the following day. Do you get this? Slow down and ponder… please consider the implications.

It’s not that difficult to see how a primitive consciousness would worship the great star and source of light and life on the planet. But as consciousness evolved, we personified and projected the death and rebirth of the Sun and Nature onto our teachers. Another one to ponder deeply—for it is deep.

One of the most notable Sun Gods was Mithras of the great Persian mystery schools. Mithraism was wildly popular; and was the only religion to seriously challenge the ascendance of Christianity. In order to conquer this formidable Sun God Mithras… the new Christian faith had to put forth a Sun God of its own.

As a result, Christianity adopted and plagiarized practically all recognizable traditions, tenets and myths of Mithraism. All of them!

From birthplace and birthdate (December 25 in a cave—which by the way is the date of the Winter Solstice when the Sun (Son?) begins to rise in the heavens. Hmmm), to rituals (like the Eucharist/communion of bread and wine), to the metaphor of a shepherd and flock; and a triumphant return to Earth to take the believers home. Please, check this out for yourself; and be assured that all of this pre-dated Christianity. All of it!

Now I know this is potentially very controversial to traditional fundamental Christianity. So breathe. Keep an open mind. Please don’t take my word for it, do your own research.

After setting the Mithraism beliefs and rituals in place, Jesus’ divinity was finally solidified and made official by vote at the council of Nicea in 325 C.E. Yes you read that right—by vote. In that historical vote, the “Sun God” officially became the “Son of God.”

Okay, you might think. So what? I’ve got to get through my life right now James! I’ve got to deal with this new economy. I don’t really care. How does this help me live more fully?

Consider this. Here’s where the rubber meets the road:

Post this major theocratic (look it up) move at the council of Nicea… we’ve been subsequently programmed for thousands of years to look for external saviors versus looking within. We could no longer talk to the God within (or the God without for that matter) without an emissary. Man! Please tell me you’re thinking?

The great love of philosophy that flourished in Greece during 500- 600 B.C.E., and the individual and personal search for meaning it encouraged, began to be squelched by dogma. (reference IAD 6)

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

~ Socrates

Are you thinking?

Carrying over from the Egyptian tradition we continued to be consumed and preoccupied with death (and we are until this day—in fact, it’s our greatest fear. More on this to come.).

But contrary to the Egyptians… we didn’t have to study and become an awakened being ourselves… No! We just had to believe in one and plead for him to intervene on our behalf; and subsequently we’d be saved from death and damnation.

The die was cast.

Up to this modern day some almost 1700 years later while (as stated before), we’ve made huge leaps in technology… we’re still metaphorically sucking our thumbs spiritually in so many ways. But the irony… is that even our business and technological and political advances are profoundly impacted by these childish interpretations. In fact, they’re founded upon them! If not consciously then certainly unconsciously.

The seething dissatisfaction and fear eats away at us like a splinter in the back of our mind. In some way we must find a way to escape our lives and find that magical something. Someone or something must be able to save us! To ease our pain, fear, anxiety and insecurity. To make life easy and problem free.

How do we do save ourselves? External saviors must be the answer. Again, if this is not conscious… it’s programmed right into our unconscious minds.

Listen… if this isn’t rocking your world please take a strong shot of espresso

 and come back! I’ll wait right here…


  • The saviors of a certain magical thinking that will guarantee you attract riches.


  • The “I made millions on the internet and you can too in record time if you just do what I did.”


  • The secret marketing formula that will bring multiple millions into your coffers.


  • The fundamentalist who promises that all you have to do is call upon a savior and “believe on his name” and you’ll be “saved.”


  • The NLP or hypnosis expert who will simply change your brain for you.


  • The one who can channel dead people, ascended masters or disincarnate beings to give you advice and emotional salvation… sometimes even channel God himself.


  • The “energy worker” who can release all limitations for you while you just sleep or lie covered in crystals.


  • The so-called neuroscience of achievement that will simply “flip a switch to success.”


  • The religious leader who promises eternal life.


I could go on but I think you get the point.

We’re a culture of fear doing our best to escape death, pain, and demise

But in the meantime we forget to live!

The purpose of life is to fully live it. Read more about it here.

While I’ve studied and even been considered an expert in some of the above modalities; and while I know they have their value and time and place… I submit that in-and-of-themselves they’re incomplete.

Because they’re most often founded in an insidious lie.

The fundamental core of these strategies—and the biggest lie you’ve been sold—is first and foremost that you and/or your life are broken, wrong, incomplete, and need to be fixed. Secondly, that someone or something outside of you will save and fix you.

All you need is the magic pill or the secret sauce. How long have you searched? How many pills and variety of sauces have you sampled? Have you found it?

Let me ask you to at least consider:

  • What if we’ve got it all wrong?


  • Not totally wrong? Okay, what if we’ve gotten it at least partially wrong?


  • What if this is as good (or bad) as it gets?


  • What if it’s entirely up to us to decide?


  • What if there are no external saviors?


  • What if we don’t need to be saved, fixed, completed or repaired?


  • What if in attempting to escape pain, shortcomings, and death we’ve lost our lives… and the ability to truly live?


  • And… just what if… life is entirely about how we choose to live versus our continuous attempts to escape fear and suffering and death?

Several things to ponder deeply… and the journey continues.

Stay awake, Love Life, Be Epic

james arthur ray


18 Responses

  1. Dear James
    Let me say you are right.
    Also let me say Jesus Christ is right also.
    We all are getting everything we ask for, some know how to better ask for what they want.
    If we live and die on this earth being right would mean we would get what we ask for.
    Connections would be what is missing for those who get what they want and find out it does not have peace in it.
    Let us say we want to be connected to all that have peace not lake of fire.
    May the Creator of Peace Bless your every moment of Life

  2. There are many roads to Mecca…heaven…peace….label it as you will. I loved this blog and have been following it from the beginning in your “Alchemy and Utilization” series. I believe in science, true history, and imagination. Each time we uncover a truth that shakes our belief system it catapults us into a new way of thinking to discover a new line of truths. It’s like the never-ending hallway with new doors once opened leads to a series of other new doors waiting to be explored. How rich to spend life fulfilled on a never-ending journey of adventure and discovery? Evolution if you will. The really cool part for me is that this does not shake my faith in Great Spirit or the Great Mystery, but strengthens it. From Quantum Physics to Cosmology…and where we fit in the scheme of things….Exhilarating!

    1. EXACTLY Sheila Boyd! I love and cherish the teachings of Jesus as well as all other great masters from science to spirit. When properly understood and peeled away from all the BS it’s the same empowering message of Light and Life and Love… even when wrapped in Dark and Death and Ugliness. This my friend is being TRULY alive! ~ JAR

  3. James,
    As an astrologer and Technology CEO – I’m picking up what you are laying down 🙂 I use and teach astrology to give information on how to fully merge all of your pieces, allowing the light to shine forth – the Sun essence. Then we can resonate on a higher vibration, in all the dimensions and finally be and create. Thanks for you insights.
    Gemini Light~

  4. Howdy James-

    Now we’re talking! Again, appreciate you framing this in a historical context. It’s FASCINATING! When we sleep on the seeming “little” things that surround us, we stay ignorant to the “big” picture. Thus, we remain entranced zombies.

    I’ve spent my share of time immersed in the traditional personal development ring, and have come to this place of “something’s missing.” Hence your take a breath a fresh air. It’s so simple, it’s complicated! Teachers are important from a guidance perspective, but there is no quick fix for the human condition. Why would we want there to be? Life is elation, pain, joy, loss, peace, and turmoil-it’s unnatural to weigh the teeter totter either way.

    Now I’m just blabbering. I could write quite a bit myself! Thanks for breakfast, James. Peace.

  5. Wonderful post James!!!

    What say you? Is True Joy an effect or a cause?

    Are you searching for fulfillment or are you addicted to the search?

    Cause and effect is an explanation, an interpretation, pure myth and superstition holding us bound in its form.

    Before you can do anything, you have to discover, realize where you are. Your mind won’t provide the correct information either.

    Living in an underwater mobile ICBM platform, we had three distinct systems that could tell us where we were at any moment. The stars are invisible underwater. The three systems are not connected and if they all agree, all is well. However, sometimes systems have hiccups. If you are in the north Atlantic but the missile guidance system ‘thinks’ it is in the Sahara you will never hit your target if needed. Until you know where you are, anywhere you go you are still lost.

    Recent research discovered if you believe stress can kill you your chance of a heart attack is 43% greater than those who live ‘stress free’. However, those who believe/know that stress cannot hurt you but is healthy, live much longer healthy lives than those who are ‘stress free’. Beliefs can be dangerous and they are ALL replaceable.

    Plagiarism is always a point of view and a myth just the same. Time is not sequential but only a way to tell events apart. Their order may be part of our confusion. We live in a coiled time line, not a straight line.

    ‘Christianity’ is mostly myth and superstition, even the ‘official’ ones. That does not mean there is no truth there. ‘Christianity’ sold as the truth is always a 100% lie but as the vessel The Truth comes hidden in, offers The Way. People hearing it, as “IS the truth” are not listening correctly. It is possible they signed up for that exact journey however, being delusional.

    What if everything you know and believe IS totally a lie? This is a great place to begin by the way. Then add only what YOU KNOW to be so. Be willing to let any of it go at anytime too. The ‘what’s so’ is always and all ways a so what. If it isn’t a so what for you then it is not a ‘what’s so’.

    With what is coming, do you see it will be a complete multidimensional upgrade and reboot for everyone or a sequential upgrade over time at the same current petty pace? Will everyone have ‘it’ revealed to them so they may choose to participate (or not) or will we have to buy a ‘movie ticket’ to get in? I am all in any way by the way.

    1. Michael, I must enjoy your comments at LEAST as much as you enjoy my blogs. Too many things to address here in complete fashion. But here’s a thought or two: Is Joy cause or Effect? Yes. =) You speak of LIE’s is it some kind of joke of language (English anyway) that hidden in every single beLIEf… in fact right smack dab in the middle is a LIE? All belief are a lie for how can we as finite beings even begin to know Infinity. In fact, any label we choose to place upon it automatically disqualifies it from Infinite. Finally, my personal LIE (belief) can only be based on history and references (which are not always accurate). But that being said I believe the shift will continue to be gradual and incremental unless there is some chaotic event of man and/or nature which always accelerates that shift. The Ice Age being a prime example. Stay Awake, Love Life, Be Epic my friend ~ JAR

  6. I agree on so many levels…the key for me is to acknowledge and feel the LOVE in every experience I am faced with….to remember to BE GRATEFUL when the SUCCESSFUL results are being experienced or attained and to remember to BE GRATEFUL when faced with the CHALLENGES/OBSTACLES that WISDOM and PATIENCE will be gained. As we continue to EVOLVE, our INNER PEACE will gain STRENGTH and we NO LONGER LABEL our experiences as GOOD or BAD, just an OPPORUTNITY TO GROW.

  7. Great article, James. So true. I think the problem is people don’t know how to access the god within themselves. They feel their fear, their anxiety. They feel the doubt and the pain. They see themselves making wishes and those wishes not coming true. Out of desperation, they hope there is a higher being outside themselves, because inside themselves there’s a lot of junk. They want someone greater than their pain and doubts, etc. who can save them or at least help them. What’s missing is a truthful explanation of who we really are — the spiritual aspect of ourselves.

    I hear a lot of famous “new age teachers” talk about the god within, the soul, the spiritual essence of a person. But none of these people actually explain how the whole thing works. On one hand they say that we’re all immortal beings, on the other hand they talk about the human brain as if IT supplies the power for spiritual awareness. The brain is not the person, is not the thinker, is not the “immortal” aspect of anything. I’ve heard very famous teachers talk about the “gap:” the nothingness of spirituality that is everythingness. They describe the gap as being the true person, the spiritual being. Then out of the other side of their mouth they talk about the chemicals in the brain, as if those chemicals have something to do with infinity and spirituality. They don’t.

    Christianity made people look outside themselves for the answer. But worse than that psychiatry and psychology made people believe that they are their brain, that they are an animal, that we are no more than our genetic code or the chemicals in the brain.

    I would love to have you explain the real essence of who we are, explain how to access this god within us and explain what this god is. What is this god? Where is this god? How do we diminish the fears and anxiety that keep us hoping for a something outside ourselves to save the day? Keep up the good work

  8. Great post!

    Whether someone is an Atheist questioning that truth or a religious man following the Bible – both are seeking meaning and value in their life. If both an Atheist and Christian keep on trying to see the truth – for the next hundred of years – both will eventually come to the same conclusion – human exists to develop spiritually in the physical world. That is true evolution.

    Unfortunately, we put too much labels on ourselves – whether religious, political, or racial.

    Labels cause division and wars!

  9. Excellent as usual James, Thank you

    A lot of homework pondering this time!

    Needing an external saviour is something old religions needed to keep control and power on people, but nowadays more people are understanding and waking up to the fact that we have the “kingdom of heaven” inside of us already. But if we have God and the saviours already inside of us what’s left for religion? if we don’t need it any more then what is the use of religions any more?

    If we are self dependent we won’t be controllable, and that is not good for either religion nor policy. That is why is so “dangerous” to wake up.

    What you are saying here is going to impact and get many angry, i know its necessary and difficult and someone has to do it, but you are going to make many concerned since this will change many people’s lives.

    Thank you for you courage and sincerity. Someday you will be understood and praised by it!

    May the Light be with you.


    Your friend Hector Sampson

  10. James, another thought provoking blog. Growing up, I was “taught” to believe in Christianity. I went to Sunday School for a year when I was around 11 years old. Started attending services again with my wife at the time and her family. We divorced and I stopped attending Sunday Service. During that whole time from my younger years to when I stopped going to church, something didn’t feel quite right. Like a splinter in my mind. with your last paragraph in your blog, “life is entirely about how we CHOOSE TO LIVE versus our continuous attempts to escape fear and suffering and death?” I believe that! Always have. It’s what works for me. Then again, since we all create our own reality, isn’t everyone’s way the right way?

  11. Loved this James…. As an Astrologer and Soul Purpose Lifestyle Coach I am constantly having my clients look within to who they truly are at their core and what’s important to them. It amazes me how many people stay away from what’s “real” for each of them and believe that “If I only had……” or “If I could only do…..” or “if I only was…..” all of these things are external and we need to come from the internal first. Listen to your intuition. It’s one of the biggest lessons I teach my clients, is where within their body lies their intuition, how to listen to it as well as how to ignore the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee (or those voices in their head, which is really ego and not intuition). We have been conditioned out of our bodies and for me that’s the biggest shame of life. We knew exactly who we were the day we were born and then we met these people called parents, who decided who we were. We spend the next 12 years in a prison, memorizing and regurgitating information back to get a gold star. Then we go on for 4 more years of that, many times with the intuitive voice shouting “why are you getting an accounting degree, your an artist!!!!”

    Then we start work and finally around 26 with all the debt we have from a degree we didn’t want and didn’t match who we are we ask the questions “Where am I going?” “Who am I at the core?”

    Keep exploring this world James…. it gives me something to think about…



  12. What is a wonderful exploration James! I have read your series all today. The energy of it is delicious and the progression clear. This clear seeing into the expansion and evolution (experienced at times as devolution) of humanity and the shifting sands of perceived limitation is wonderful!

    Human Beings are quite an interesting collective, aren’t they? It’s been many hundreds of thousands of years since we truly knew experientially who and what we are. And yes, the return to clear seeing, to clear BEing, is in full swing and picking up steam. Energy only and always moves in upward, ever expanding spirals and we are riding it’s currents as they pick up speed. It IS an exciting time!

    We do need to see where we are standing as we flow with the evolutionary impulse. We can only move from where we are now, not from where we were hundreds of thousands of years ago. But it is something much bigger than humanity that is evolving, we are merely along for the ride. Not everyone will wake up in this physical lifetime to taste the joy of expanded consciousness, but they will catch up in a nanosecond the moment they flow back to the nonphysical state.

    I am eager to see as you progress further in your exploration if you arrive at the recognition that everything is purely vibrating energy. And that there is no ‘set reality’, as a matter of fact there are 7+billion human realities being experienced on this planet currently! There is only PROJECTION and then PERCEPTION of what is projected. (projection just like a movie is onto a screen). What is projected is colored by the prevailing beliefs’ and agreements of the current culture. Perception, while also culturally informed, is primarily individually influenced by the vibrational level of the perceiver.

    The biggest beLIEf we humans hold is that there is a road from here to there. What is really so, is that we are already there… and here … simultaneously. It is a shifting of our focus, both individual and collective, and a widening of the view, that will bring us the realization we yearn for individually and collectively. (Realize as in “to make real in experience”.) This simultaneous here-there is true in all areas, we need to experience we are already “that” to experientially realize it.

    Human Beings are not broken or limited. (The lie of ‘brokenness’ is one created to convey power, as it affords those declaring themselves “unbroken” power over those who perceive themselves needing fixing). Neither are Human Beings separate from one another or from anything else. Human Being is but one expressed aspect of an omnipresent Consciousness and it is this Consciousness that is evolving! As we (humans) come into vibrational alignment and harmony with this Consciousness which we are, we experientially realize our evolved nature. Historically those who have come into alignment with Consciousness have been perceived as “exalted and rare Beings” in the eyes of those who had not come into alignment. They were labeled the Great Teachers, prophets and gods. Unfortunately these Great Teachers desire to communicate their alignment to their “flock” fell on limited listening and perception without the equivalent vibrational alignment in their “flock”. All are exalted, right here, right now … it is only our ability to experience it that is not. 🙂

    I am eager to follow the energy of your insights going forward!

    In Much Joy!

  13. Wow James! That was an amazing blog, best one I’ve read in a while.

    I havn’t been receiving emails from you lately, I thought you were busy but I see I have a lot to catch up on. Anyway, I can always count on you for giving me a good contemplative workout :).

    Thanks bro,


  14. Thank you James. This is excellent!

    Several things really touched me here. When you said “… we didn’t have to study and become an awakened being ourselves. NO! We just had to believe in one and plead for him…” That’s brilliant! Brilliant! That’s what it really comes down to, doesn’t it? Placing our Deity outside of ourselves, so that we have no responsibility or work to do, whatsoever. ‘Please God, do this for me. Pleasssse God… make that happen.’ We’re all guilty of it. All of us…because we are human. Like Alison said about the human condition. There is no quick fix. So many great responses to your blog. What lovely, thinking people you have drawn in here, James. I’m starting to see that the discussions evoked by the blogs are just as wonderful as the blog itself.

    “All beliefs are a lie for how can we as finite beings even begin to know infinity?”(JAR) Exactly…
    As you said, James, ‘What does all of this have to do with human potential?” We’ve got it all wrong. We are so caught up in “achievement” and “success” that we forget what life is REALLY about, which is actually being ALIVE in any given moment. Feeling the fullness of whatever it is we are experiencing. But…also responding in the best way that we can – in the way that will create more growth. I sometimes explain to my clients that I believe, personally, that Light Workers – true Light Workers, often have gone through an immense amount of personal pain or struggle themselves, including but not limited to loss and or depression, anger, resentment, heartbreak…all of it. And the reason that I believe this, is so that they can have the COMPASSION to help others on their spiritual paths. Love and light isn’t as flowery and free flowing as it is sugar coated to be. Love and Light is hard work. And some of the hardest work is in the mind, because we as humans are attached to our “beliefs.” That is our challenge. So, maybe…in reality… it’s not about the house, or the car, or the numbers on our tax returns, although all of those things do matter. Maybe it’s perceiving life in such a way that we fully experience (and revere) each moment as the infinite beings we are, because isn’t that what we are here for…not to fight the good fight, but rather to LOVE (in the true sense of the word as much as we CAN understand it. And to EXPERIENCE, because the only thing that really exists is “IS.” And as I understand it, thus far, the LIVING and THINKING Universe can ONLY want us to reach higher and to expand more, So to feel anger (for example), in and of itself, is not “bad,” but to get stuck in it, or in anything goes against all that the Universe is, and thus stifles it. So, that is why it is SO IMPORTANT for us to find the Divinity within ourselves (as Christ taught), rather than looking elsewhere. It is only in continuously bringing ourselves back into Sacredness that we can truly live. That, I think, is the goal, and the gift.

    Of course I could be all wrong… but thank you for the thought provoking blog. With much love ~Lori

    1. Lori, very, very well stated. The only thing I’ll add is that if you check history the greatest souls have ALWAYS experienced the greatest suffering. No exception. Something to ponder. ~ JAR

  15. Yes… Nelson Mandela is a perfect example.

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