Appearances Lie. Principles Tell the Truth

The difference between a leader and an amateur is
the leader has the ability to stand in the face of no results longer.

If you’re ever going to be a true leader, I can confidently promise that winning the battle of principle over precedent is one of the battles you must fight and win.

Amateurs live by precedent.
Leaders are grounded in principle.

I can also assure you this battle is one of the most difficult battles you’ll ever face.

When we’re seduced into making our current results the measuring stick for decision making, we doom ourselves and our business to create nothing more than what we currently observe.

Look, I continually remind you that physics proves “Mind is the Matrix of all matter.”

Einstein’s’ Special Theory of Relativity proves that energy (mind) and matter are one in the same.

As difficult as it is for us to get our mind around this, as a leader of the future you must be as grounded in philosophy, psychology and physics as you are in marketing, operations and sales.

The leader of the future must be every bit as versed in philosophy,
psychology and physics as he is in marketing, operations and sales.

In my New York Times Bestseller Harmonic Wealth, I wrote about a principle called, Living from the Outcome.

To understand and live this leadership principle necessitates turning away from the current state of affairs; and living from vision versus sight. Big difference. 

When the vision on the inside is more compelling
and powerful than what you observe on the outside,
the universe is at your command.

The leader must have the courage to make decisions based upon where he’s going versus where he currently is.

This is Living from the Outcome; and it takes tremendous discipline and courage to do this.

Please pay attention to the nuance. It’s subtle yet very important.

Leaders don’t make decisions toward an outcome. They make their decisions from the outcome.

In other words, after clearly defining their vision and direction, when it comes to the moment of decision they ask themselves:

What would the person I’m becoming do in this situation? 

Living and deciding from THAT state of being, they act!

Most do the exact opposite.

Here’s the important subtlety: when you make your decision toward your outcome, it tells your unconscious mind (UCM) that you’re “not there yet.”

Your UCM operates only in the present. Therefore, it gets the message that you’re not there, and continues to give you what you currently have.

You see, appearances (as well as your current state of affairs), tell you absolutely nothing about where you’re going or what you’re capable of achieving. The only thing that your current appearances and results tell you, are the outcome of your own past thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your current results are nothing more than a measurement
of your past thoughts, feelings and actions.
They say literally nothing about where you’re going
or what you’re capable of doing.

So, will you have the courage to turn from your current results; make decisions based upon where you’re going versus where you are?

The 22 Imperatives of Leadership: #22 – Leaders Deliver Results

Will you hold the vision standing in the face of apparently no results for longer?

It’s not easy.

But the results are beyond belief.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!