Adding More Life to Your Years #4

The old paradigm was “running equals health.”
The new paradigm is “weightlifting is the fountain of youth.”

Over the last several weeks we’ve been exploring insights into how to thrive in the future. More specifically of late, we’ve been exploring how to live long and vibrant.

Let’s talk about science for a moment.

Most of us see our bodies as a static entity, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. At the quantum level your body, like all things in this universe, is nothing more than a mass of molecules in a state of vibration. The more energy and vitality you access, the higher the rate of vibration.

Your body is a process not a structure.
You don’t need to get more energy, you need to give more energy

If you think of your body like a car, then your conscious awareness will not only think it is a car, but it will experience it as a car, and most importantly create it as a car.

In other words, you’ll reduce a living changing developing entity to a state of nuts and bolts and rubber and steel.

Not a smart move.

Yet the reductionist mindset does this every single day.

So here we are back at mindset once again. Imagine that.

When you see things clearly you begin to live in a different world. A dynamic world of endless opportunity and possibility.

Your body is a dynamic, flowing process that changes with every thought and every nutrient and every emotion and every action.

Science tells us that your entire body, every bone, fiber and cell, renews every 7 years.

Science tells us that your entire body renews
every 7 years! Every bone, fiber and cell.
What do you need to let go of so you stop recreating
dysfunction and allow the body to renew?

Think about that one.

Think long and hard.

No static car or structure can renew itself.

Where do you choose to live?
In fear and concern?
Or in transition, transformation
and unlimited possibility?

The last two points I’d like to explore regarding long life and vitality are:

  1. Supplementation; and
  2. Flexibility

I don’t care how well you eat in todays’ world, if you want to have vibrant health and vitality, as well as live a long, productive, and fulfilling life, you absolutely must supplement your diet.

Look, I eat primarily organic, locally grown, vegetables and fruits as often as I can.

When I’m on the road, obviously this is more difficult, but I don’t obsess about it.

The only time an obsession is bad is when it’s an unhealthy obsession.
A healthy productive obsession is the key to Leadership and Mastery.

But even eating organic and local, I supplement my diet heavily every single day; and I have since my early 20’s.

In fact, my friends used to make fun of me way back then. I wish them nothing but the best; and I often wonder if they’re still laughing?

Research from Harvard proves that heavy supplementation can extend life up to an additional healthy and vibrant 7 years!

Now we’ve already discussed previously, that research from Emory, Harvard and elsewhere, proves that heavy weightlifting can extend healthy life up to 7 years.

So quick simple math tells us that these two practices alone (weight lifting and heavy supplementation) potentially give you 14 more years of life!

Enough said.

No matter how healthy you eat, and how careful you are, the current food supply is still exposed to toxins, chemicals, pesticides and more.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because you eat healthy
you don’t have to supplement. Research at Harvard proves otherwise.
You can’t escape the toxins in our current world. You have to overcome them.

The world is full of toxicity; and you can’t get around it. This is why supplementation is key; and they must be good high-quality supplements versus something from a GNC or Walgreens.

Finally, you must stretch your body daily.

Many who lift weights are notorious for not elongating and stretching the muscle. Constant contraction without extension decreases motion and mobility.

An inflexible body is a reflection of an inflexible mind.

I do several yoga postures daily. Every single day. Even your pet is smart enough to stretch after first waking up. Maybe we should take some lessons from your pet.

Or maybe you’re just way too much smarter than them.

Even your pet stretches daily.
But we humans are WAY smarter than they are, now aren’t we? Maybe not.

Next week we’ll move from this first category, long and healthy life, to the exploration of the 2nd category we’re being told by futurists is not only necessary, but also the greatest business opportunity as Life moves forward.

Until then,

Be a Leader, Live Your Purpose, and Take Your Power Back!