Absolute Responsibility

Absolute Responsibility

Absolute responsibility is the realization
that you have contributed to, and created,
where you are in your life and business;
As a result, you also hold the solution.

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We’ve been in a leadership discussion for the last several weeks; and I’ve suggested that the leader of the future is equal parts Warrior, Leader and Sage.

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Look, let’s face it, we’re all called to be leaders. Irrespective of our title, position, or whether or not we have others to lead.

First and foremost we must lead our own lives.

It’s time to stop looking for leaders to do it for us, and become the leader who does it for yourself!

No one is going to lead your life but you.

You and only you sit in the drivers’ seat of your destiny.

The true leader is not a leader because he has a tile or position.
The true leader is a leader because he takes ownership and leads.
First and foremost his own life.

We’ve discussed several qualities of the Warrior, now lets’ talk about a few qualities of leadership itself.

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Leadership is confusing as hell.
There are as many theories as there are ideas.
Leaders are not leaders because they have a title, position or followers.
True leaders are leaders because they lead!

The first step of the leadership process is to take Absolute Responsibility for every single thing in your life.


There are no bad teams.
No bad situations.
There are only bad leaders.

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Absolute Responsibility is not easy. Far from it.

You see, there are always reasons why this or that happened. Believe me I know.

But focusing on “good stories” (excuses) will get you nowhere.


When you focus on what you did to contribute to or create the situation, you simultaneously find what you can do to rectify the situation.

I realize in my own business, that when my team “messes up” it’s because I as a leader have not communicated clearly, have not managed well, have not clarified expectations, or maybe have not even hired properly or vetted fully.

For instance, I’ve been through more “online marketing teams’ in the last 4 years than I’ve been through socks.

Online marketing “experts” are a dime a dozen today.

I must admit that there’ve been many days of frustration and disappointment.

Who’s responsible?

The fake online marketing expert?

Or the person who hired them? The person who allowed them the time and the rope and the latitude to continue on retainer for as long as they did?

I think you’ll agree with me the answer is obvious.

Results do not equal no results plus a good story.

James Arthur Ray

Look, there are always “good stories.”

And the fact is that some of them might be true.

But continuing to tell the story, place blame, and make excuses, get you the results of the story, blame and excuses.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Taking Absolute Responsibility is the fundamental quality of true leadership.

Ask yourself:

  1. How did I contribute to this situation?
  2. What did I do that was less than my best?
  3. What could I have done better or differently?
  4. How will I learn from this?
  5. What will I do better/different next time?

Be a leader.

Stay Awake, Love Life, and Be Epic!