A Mindset and a Choice!

“But in all things, walk contrary to the way of the world.”

~ Jacob Boehme

So we’ve explored in great depth and detail the ever sought after concepts of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Hopefully you’ve realized by now, that when it comes to what these terms really mean, and how to obtain them, we’ve all been sorely mislead.

If you’re a thinking individual (which I’m going to assume you are or you wouldn’t be reading my often provocative posts), you must at minimum take pause; and inventory how you’ve been living your life and what you’ve been pursuing.

So many countless individuals I meet daily are chasing the all mighty dollar thinking that a few more buckets of cash are going to quench their thirst.

They won’t.

It’s not about the cars and cash… it’s about the contribution.

In numerous articles regarding traditional spiritual and personal development I’ve discussed how I believe in many cases we’ve entirely missed the boat. In fact, that boat left the dock long ago; and we’re still left standing on the shoreline, holding our bags of stuff, thinking the boat’s still coming… and we’re telling ourselves that the boat’s bringing even more bags!

That boat has sailed.

Am I anti-finery and nice things? Not in the least. I believe we have a God-given birthright to abundance… but we don’t have a right to extravagance (more in this in a later treatise). To this end we’ve lost our way; and along with that, we’ve lost the joy of life itself.

Money and materialism should not be obsessed nor suppressed…

 just healthfully expressed.

True joy in life resides in the struggle for greatness and the mastery of our talents and gifts. To see what was once only an idea become manifested into something you can put your hands around. Something you can see, hear, taste, and touch.

This process of bringing something from apparently nothing is the Fundamental Creativity upon which this Universe is created. (reference Innate Ability Development).

As we’ve discussed many times before… your work should be your love made manifest in the world. For this reason I believe that by bringing their love and their gifts to the world… indeed, entrepreneurs do change the world. Without question those who do it most successfully are not chasing the money boat as an initial intention.

To my knowledge there’s no exception.

Several years ago I had dinner with the billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Over the course of dinner I asked him, “Sheldon what in your opinion is the secret to your success?” He said without pause, “James, find something that you love. Become really good at it; and work really hard.”

Pretty simple and straightforward wouldn’t you say?

Yet success (much like wealth, abundance and prosperity), is pretty simple. Its secrets are just simply not applied.

True success is pretty simple, it’s just simply not applied.

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So what have we hopefully learned?

What are true wealth, abundance and prosperity?

And can we guarantee them for ourselves?

Wealth, as we’ve discussed, finds its original definition in wellbeing. I absolutely promise you that no amount of money will give you a sense of wellbeing.

Doubt me? Check this out:

A Gallup study showed that about three in ten people in households making more than $250,000 annually don’t realize that they’re “upper-income.”

Second, a Fidelity Investments survey determined that more than four out of ten American millionaires do not feel wealthy.

Lastly, a study conducted by Boston College’s Center on Wealth and Philanthropy among the über-rich found that the majority of those who have more than $25 million do not consider themselves financially secure.

True wealth is not an external possession it’s an internal recognition.

Wellbeing is something that you must create for yourself regardless of the amount of money you do or don’t have financially. When you have wealth/wellbeing then you have it; regardless of the externals. If you don’t, then you don’t; no matter what the externals.

There is only abundance. 

The only scarcity we have is based upon holding onto certain modes and models.

Abundance is the unlimited resources of mind, ideas, and creativity that we’re all afforded. That is if we’re only open to use them. Please read that again.

There’s an abundance of choices that we have; and an abundance of resources available to us. If something like fossil fuels becomes a scarcity, we’ll find something to replace it.

There is no limit whatsoever to the ideas and opportunities we have, only a limitation of our own thinking.

You are a spiritual being and spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity

Finally is true prosperity. Prosperity originally defined as “to travel” is evolution at its finest. For what is moving and growing and expressing forward but universal expansion?


The latest and newest scientific findings tell us that the entire universe (which includes you and your business) is self-organizing.


What we once believed in our limited view to be random, and a movement to greater entropy, we now know from a higher perspective to be a movement to greater order on a whole, new, and yet unforeseen level. What appears to be dying to the beginner is seen as the new emergent by the master.


When something appears to be falling apart let it go. 

It’s coming together on a higher level of awareness and order.

This topic alone warrants deep discussion and contemplation. We’ll cover it more fully at a later time.


Stay tuned for my new book scheduled out in 2015 entitled, The Secret of True Wealth and its sister video online experience, which I just recorded in the studio, The 7 Laws of True Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity.


If you know anything about my life… these, and all my lessons are the lessons learned in the fire and the crucible of challenge. They’ve passed the test and stood true in the fire. For after all, isn’t that where we learn our deepest and greatest lessons?


So the choice is yours will you choose true wealth, abundance and prosperity in these exiting times of evolution and transition. Or will you be caught desperately hugging the shore of a shoreline that’s washing away?


I encourage you to choose your greatness.


Choose to develop wellbeing in the fire. For isn’t that the only true place you can say that you really have it?


Choose to tap into your fundamental creativity and limitless ideas. For they exist in abundance.


And choose to travel the cosmos of consciousness in your never-ending search of development, advancement and growth.


Finally, choose to live—really live! Embrace the Grand Adventure. Find your unique genius and voice. Understand and develop your innate ability, your God-given gifts…


For that my friend is a life well lived!


Stay awake, Love Life, and Be Epic,

james arthur ray





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