A Little Insight That’s Disturbing, yet Enlightening: James on Alchemy Part 7

Last week we discussed the fictional definition of hell and how all of us are actually physically bound for this pit whether we like it or not. To find the true definition we referenced both the Hebrew and Greek words that have been translated into hell.

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So how is it that I suggested to you that those who are awake will tell you that to get to heaven you must “go to hell?” Does that mean that you must “die” to get to a heavenly state—in my experience both yes and no. But not in the traditional sense (i.e. in an afterlife). And what does all this have to do with alchemy and utilization? Let me explain.

To solve this puzzle I think it important to also interject the original Anglo-Saxon word for hell “helan” which translates as “to cover or to hide.”

If hell is hidden or covered up, what does it have to do with the pit? Is it possible that what the ancients were really attempting to convey a metaphor? That you must go into the metaphoric underworld of your own consciousness and find those parts of your character which are suppressed, hidden and or denied? Now it gets interesting. Are you following?

In the deepest recesses of your unconscious mind, what we could easily call the basement of your consciousness, are the forces of both devils and Gods. At different times and to different degrees both are equally as hidden.

Please be reminded that darkness was first (reference Genesis 1:2-3/Alchemy 4); and that God created both good and evil (Isaiah 45:7/Alchemy 3). Because there cannot be two Life Principles and/or Creative Principle, everything must come from one thing.

These archetypes (both Gods and Demons) according to Carl Jung are in the collective consciousness (reference Schroedinger/Alchemy 5); and they are a part of us all. No exception. These powers be they good or evil (we get to decide), abide in the darkest recesses of our unconscious mind. What Kabbalists call “the Abyss.”

Now I know that’s a lot to digest, so let’s stop and catch our breath. You may want to read all the last four paragraphs again; and/or re-visit the above referenced blogs if you’re a true student. Repetition is the second law of learning and transformation.

So in this “pit which is hidden” (hell) are the powers that move the Universe. That’s pretty heavy. And heavy is a good choice of words because I suggest these energies do all the heavy lifting and hard work. However, like circus tigers they have a nasty habit of tearing apart and eating anyone who doesn’t have the skill, courage and concentration to care for them, and/or utilize them, properly.

“Jesus said: The seeker should not stop until he finds. When he does find he will be disturbed. After having been disturbed he will be astonished. Then he will reign over everything.” ~ Gospel of Thomas: Verse 2

I cannot over emphasize the impact this statement has had upon me. I read and re-read the gospel of Thomas as I sat in my cell (and in the pit of my own hell) literally dozens of times (along with many other great works); and in my opinion and experience I came to realize that many of the secrets of alchemy and utilization reside in this one passage; as well as in the entirety of this profound Gospel.

If you’re not familiar with The Gospel of Thomas, it’s very controversial with the traditionalists for several reasons, I won’t get into all of those here. But I will just say that many scholars believe it to be much older than the four canonical Gospels. Which by the way only became the canons by majority agreement (yes you read that right, a.k.a. vote) sometime in the second century.

Prior to that time there were some fifty different Gospels and an agreement was made to canonize the four we know today. Simultaneously the rest were labeled as heretical. These radical decisions were made primarily due to disagreements on two major topics: the divinity of Jesus (many Gospels present him as a prophet among many); and the death and resurrection along with other such “miracles” (many say nothing of these things including Thomas).

Again, do your own research and whatever you do, please don’t take my word as gospel (I wasn’t around in the second century).

Nonetheless, the Jesus of Thomas knew the alchemical strategies of transformation. Study that passage above. You’ll quickly notice that what we seek is obviously disturbing when we find it. And it’s implied that it takes a while, in fact a lot of seeking, to find it; and I would add “a lot of suffering.”

Unlike the teachings of the Eastern prophets Buddha and Krishna, which label the world as illusory and something to leave behind, Jesus is a Western prophet, who realizes that the inner “Kingdom of Expansion” (reference Alchemy 1) once found… will allow us to reign over everything. Have I got your attention?

Stay awake and Love Life, more to come…

james arthur ray


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  1. Wow James. You sure as hell have my attention. xxx

  2. James a most incredible post!! It amazes me that the trek I am on seems to be in sync with your blog. Maybe everyone is on the same trek whether they know it or not. This last week I was rereading an explanation of the sermon on the mount. It struck me that I have a mind meme, personal little script and it is a box too, of everything I think. The script/box that runs, “I should only have to do this once.” I have rewritten a few things since to overcome the decades of script.
    Ask, [UNTIL] it is given to you; seek, [UNTIL] you find; knock, [UNTIL] it opens to you. [REPEAT] (Take one day off a week).

    A shorter version, Ask, Seek, Knock (all ways and always) [UNTIL] results appear. [REPEAT]

    Watching and observing this week since I changed this, I have seen humor, fun and excitement everywhere. Thank you for adding to the way!

    1. Yes Michael, and isn’t it interesting that most likely the Gospel of Thomas version of “seek…” predates the printed sermon? Something to ponder, or not ~ JAR

  3. Hi James, I wonder if these prophets and disciples of old really meant what you say. Were they themselves believers in superstition, Gods, demons, heaven and hell. Is it a contemporary mindset that looks at the ancient writings as metaphor. In my opinion they work best when read that way, but are we sometime crediting these wise old ‘men’ with more than they deserve. Where are the writings of the women? Where are the writings that even honour women? Few and far between. Which makes me wonder how wise these guys really were. You see my point? Stu 🙂

    1. Sure Stu, I see your point. And who really knows or ever can? Ultimately in my world anyway the only value for me is to find the value for me–today–not yesterday. My interpretation could be way off; and 5 years from today I may have an entirely different view. For he who thinks he has found “the way” is the most ignorant of all. ~ JAR

  4. James, Once again, thank you for these wonderful words and insights…it helps me not only as a teacher but also as the perpetual student that I AM….I am delighted that a long time ago your words encouraged me to take a leap…and they still do…patience is rewarded!
    Welcome home.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  5. Hi, so timely. I was just thinking, as my whole life went haywire the past few weeks that I don’t have to believe in heaven or hell because I am in hell right now!!! So timely I seem to be with you each week via the ethers even tho I did not get a chance to read last weeks discussion of hell … I was too busy living it. I thought I had gone thru the dark nite of the soul several times already … I guess I didn’t quite get what I was supposed to get because new endurance thru this one has been required. I thank you for reminding me of this miserable state of hell (state of mind), and I learned this from going thru these trying circumstances:
    I wish to work diligently, thru all the convoluted twists and turns, to make of my Life a shrine to Awareness, Compassion, Productivity and Beauty. I do this by learning to gently welcome, with Grace,their daunting opposites. Thus, step by step, I doggedly forge a noble LifesWork.

    1. Barbara, Living it by far is more profound that reading about it. Therein lies the difference between “knowing about” something and truly “knowing” VAST difference. Be careful what you ask for, for in my experience the way is treacherous and fraught with danger. But then again… life is NOT meant to be comfortable (for true growth never is) it’s meant to be meaningful. My experience is that the Dark Night never ends only goes through cycle upon cycle as we expand. The proverbial “Tower of Babel” must fall for the awakening to expand. I could be wrong (and often pray I am) but that’s my experience at this juncture. Much love and prayers for this too shall pass. ~ JAR

  6. Hi James,

    This is mind-blowing stuff! I really appreciate your researching and giving equal consideration to various wisdom traditions, then sharing it with us.

    The original Anglo-Saxon hell or “Helan” meaning “to cover or to hide”? WOW. And, based on some of my own life experience, no kidding! : O After much learning (both by conscious choice and not) in this lifetime I’ve journeyed from hell to heaven. Both are here, now and available for us to choose, I have no doubt about that.

    So maybe our demons are there, wanting us to gain strength by facing them? Maybe they’re actually on our side? Kind of a cool, if metaphorical image?

    Thank you, and please keep digging deep!

  7. Yes! You definitely have my attention!
    So coincidental that you are writing about this, or rather that I am reading it at this moment. A friend of mine, whom i loved a great deal, died rather suddenly a few months ago… and in the aftermath of his death, I have been struggling and trying to get a grasp on what happened to my friend, what exactly that means. death. That question sent me on an investigation, a journey, that has been so radically transformative i know i can never go back to the place i used to be, or be the same person i used to be.
    Right around the time of my friends death I met a number of psychics in quick succession, then a friend gave me a book on Edgar Cayce, and simultaneously I was given the books; A Course in Miracles and Sacred Contracts. Prior to this I had been reading your excellent ideas and writing on Alchemy ( I hope this is becoming a book!). All of these other books so perfectly support and compliment the things you have been writing about. I’m finally starting to get it. Just wanted to say Thank-You-So-Much for your teachings. Your post today is so in synch with what i’ve been experiencing i’m blown away. This blog has been such a gift! ~ In Love and Gratitude, Marla

    1. Maria, Your post reminds me of the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote, “Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never returns to it’s original dimensions.” Much love ~ JAR

  8. A great friend and mentor has long told me ” Kevin, everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die to get there.” This post gives that an entirely different meaning……Thanks for the new context of thought!

  9. Great Stuff James. Keep it going. Your brothers Lake Pal from Kansas City. Scott Booz

  10. I can read your 20 posts all over again and not to get bored but I think it would definitely make me crazy… because as I’m reading your post I can understand it but at the same time I don’t. And ask myself, what do you think you’re doing?! here is not there where you should be!!

    You know what?!… I realized one thing, I am already disturbed without finding something!!!

    God bless You

    1. Rosa, that makes me smile. The truth when it bumps up against our programming is often very confusing and disturbing. It was once said, “The truth will set you free… but first it will piss you off.” Keep thinking. Much love ~ JAR

  11. Thank you James!
    It is so nice to see how you are presenting all these concepts and I cannot wait to see where are you taking us next.

    I can tell you that being in hell right now is taking a new perspective and now I feel I´ll be able to leave this place,(at least for a while) but with a new view of things and more experience.

    I have been re-reading all the lessons and I am happy to see that your own travel through hell has given you new views and I want to thank you for taking the time to share them with us. You are creating a new path.

    Thanks once more James and keep going through hell, we are all learning.

    1. Hector, my heart goes out to my friend. For going through our own personal hell is difficult and I will never minimize that for you or anyone. Just remember Neitzche, “That which does not kill us make us stronger.” Getting stronger is tough man… no doubt about it. But hopefully the rewards are well worth it. Stay awake and Love Life ~ JAR

  12. Welcome back James! I attended your 3 day Harmonic Wealth a few years back & it completely blew me mind. I have applied your teachings regularly, including a presentation I did in a Counseling course. I completed several graduate Counseling courses and those 3 days radically moved & transformed me (emotionally, psychologically, intellectually) more than few of the Psychology/Counseling courses taught at the graduate level. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ann, glad to know that the material shared is being shared with others. This multiplies the effect. Always a privilege to help teachers. Much love ~ JAR

  13. Hi James,

    I will admit….I’m having a challenging time understanding this. Why? Because it is good stuff…:) However I let go of understanding it to be honest, but the details of researched history and the breakdown of words are greatly appreciated. (I know the true students will enjoy & benefit from it.) (There will be many people who needs there mind shaken to shift the brain, literally.) BTW, is the real meaning to hell like saying of the unconscious, unknown and unaware in some sense? Also is suffering a literal thing or is it from what we make suffering means? All the best, Silvia L

  14. Everything seems so easy and so complicated at the same time when thinking of it. It means it’s not possible to feel Heaven within before going through Hell? And in every new situation is just like this? Like sports, the greatest result could never be achieved without getting over the pain?

  15. I love your posts. Very mind expanding. I have read your previous books and learned a lot..Keep up the great work. A new definition of hell, very enlightening. Thanks Again. I look forward to you next post.


  16. P.S- I caught up with all the blogs. I also reread this one again, as I forgot I already did. Lol Now did it help me understand something more the second time around? Probably…I would think so. However alll I feel to respond is “ha ha ha ha ha ” in regard your humor in: “Again, do your own research and whatever you do, please don’t take my word as gospel (I wasn’t around in the second century).”

    My wise ass self wanted to reply “hey…maybe you were a cousin of Thomas who wrote that gospel?”. #pastlives (Don’t know why…..lol) Silvia L

  17. James,
    Nice!! You explain this so well. I think we as people get stuck in the hell and forget there is a heaven.

  18. Hi James, I’ve just been catching up with a few of your blogs, first just to say that its good to see that you are well and blogging. Reading your words, I see you exploring some themes that have also been very relevant to me in the last few years. What occurs to me, and this relates both to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Polarity, is that its one thing to focus intention on manifesting material wealth and success etc, its another thing to focus intention on becoming unconditional loving and peaceful. I believe that the law of attraction is consistent, but equally, if our highest desire is to actualize unconditional love, light, compassion and peace, then we attract a certain amount of polarity which stretches us and challenges us. Its very easy to be loving, compassionate and peaceful when things are going well – when we have the money and when we have the popularity and success, but not so easy when circumstances are challenging, when people are judging us, when our bank account is not bulging, when what we have been doing seems to have failed us. So my understanding is that we manifest polarity in order to grow in the way that our soul desires and I suspect that this relates to your situation, and I think there comes a point when we are able to walk a fine line between attraction and polarity. The other theme that is very relevant to me is one of balance, and I see you writing about that too. What I see as a challenge for us as humans is embodying the balance between taking control of our lives, and the seemingly contradicting idea that all happens by the Grace of God alone. I would say its a balance between power and humility, and Jesus was a very fine example of this embodiment. He had the belief that ‘mountains could be moved’ and he co-created miracles, and yet he embodied the grace and humility. Anyway, its good to see you back, I believe you have a lot to offer and there are people interested in how your experiences have changed you. Looks to me as if you are taking it one day at a time which seems wise to me.


    1. Andrew, well said my friend. Remember, when we think like God thinks it’s ALL about further expansion, experience and expression OF SPIRIT sometimes this means contraction of form. Something to ponder ~ JAR

  19. Yes…As Brigitte said at the top of the blog: You sure as Hell have my attention! Yes… It’s getting very interesting, very interesting indeed.


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