A Creator Must Create

A Creator Must Create

You are a creative being. There can be no Creator without a creation.
God needs you as much as you need God.

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So let’s recall that Spirit (or what we may call Life or God) is always for one thing: fuller expansion, experience and expression.

While covering this principle again may seem redundant, I assure you that it’s not… for a fundamental understanding of this single principle alone is potentially a complete game-changer.

Furthermore, the order in which these three aspects of the One Thing unfold is important as well; and I’d like to draw attention to the fact that the final step in The Triad is expression.

Coincidence? Probably not.

For the Creator to even be considered a creator… there must be an expression of the creator. In other words, a creation. There is no creator without a creation. Do you follow?

The creator minus any expression is not a creator at all. This is why the Life Force must create; and the only thing that may be defined as truly creative is something that comes through the vehicle of expression (you), into a tangible result.

In simple and plain language… true creative expression absolutely must produce something tangible in physical form. Do you follow?

Spirit without form has no expression.
Form without Spirit has no vitality or life.

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Anything less than a tangible expression is not being a Creator at all. Please ponder that one deeply.

Historically the East has produced intangible results (which are valuable, to say the least), but this approach has neglected to complete the process of creation which is to bring forth tangible results.

In the West, however, the process is typically more complete than in the East, because it ends in an external product or result. Now there’s something to ponder.

It’s every bit as spiritual to build a business as it is to meditate,
contemplate or say a prayer.  In fact, the former completes the latter;
and the latter ignites the former.

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So that brings us to the next principle of Innate Ability Development™. But first, let’s recap what we have already explored:

  • Principles must precede practices. This distinction gives you both potential wisdom and understanding.
  • The only true power is a functional and integrated whole. Mastery is the synthesis of both Spirit and Form; Divinity and Humanity.
  • Life is all there is, and death is an illusion. All is energy and energy can never be created or destroyed. It only changes form.
  • Purpose and Meaning are everything. They are Life Itself. The whole of life is purposeful and meaningful.
Principle Number Five: Fundamental Creativity is the very core of both consciousness and spirit

First, if you’re one of those analytical people that says, “Hey wait James! What about my physical purpose?!” (God I love you).

I know, I know… but the physical aspect of purpose is where we get more directly into practice and method… so reference Principle One above and exercise your patience. They say it’s a virtue by the way.

Your physical purpose is the fundamental practice/process of IAD in action. We’ll get there, I promise.

Secondly, if you’re really on your game, you may recognize that Principle Five is an expression (keyword) of Principle Two. Enough said as we descend the hierarchy from Spirit to Form. We are indeed descending from Principle to Practice.

If you’re “one of those” who obsess with the “how” you may be excited (or at least relieved).

Please understand that Fundamental Creativity is not the same as re-creation. They may be close cousins but they’re definitely different.

While re-creation… the process of adding to, taking away from, improving upon, or in some other way tweaking something that already exists, is valuable… it does not qualify as fundamental creativity. This does not mean that re-creation is lacking in value or power. Quite the opposite. Re-creation is a derivation of Fundamental Creativity but not the entirety of it.

Fundamental Creativity is the process of bringing something from the unseen to the seen. Something which does not currently exist in physical form into something you can see, touch, experience in physical expression.

Learn how Renaissance Leaders think and use their creativity in this article.

To do this we must assimilate and harness the often wild, hostile, dangerous forces of nature for the use of mankind. By adding the quality of human consciousness to these forces … they are transmuted and transformed. (reference the Alchemy series).

As we discussed previously, the mind of man is but a microcosm of the Mind of God.  As a result, when properly understood, every single force in nature, all the way down to those of inorganic matter, are under the dominion of the unconscious mind (UCM) of man (now that’s another lengthy discussion in and of itself that we’ll explore at a later date).

For the UCM of man is but a microcosmic reflection of the Higher Conscious Mind of Universal Intelligence (HCM).

The explanation above is the reason that man is able to extend his creative dominion over the forces of his environment. From this point, he can bring into physical manifestation even chemical elements which (as far as we’re able to determine), exist nowhere else in the universe.

So where do they come from?

Analysis of the stars tells us for instance that nowhere in this universe does plutonium or neptunium exist besides earth. Plutonium and neptunium were brought forth from the mind of man through atomic fission, and are truly a thought-born element. Pretty impressive to say the least.

Now before we get all romantic (which happens all too often in traditional personal and spiritual development), let’s please remember that nuclear fission is the outcome of man splitting the atom.

It’s important to make the distinction that this process itself (splitting the atom) is the outcome of man’s action (keyword). It’s more than just thought and visualization. Please read that again.

Fission is the result of man’s action.

In other words, man has to do something to bring his thought into reality versus just think about something. Key distinction.

Sixty percent of the word attraction is action!

man jumping with reflection

However, these new elements begin the fundamental creative process in the mind of man; and are subsequently carried through by action into creation. Once again Socrates, “To be is to do.” And please remember, “There is no joy without action.

For fundamental creativity to occur, all three modalities of thought, feeling, and action (going 3 for 3), much be utilized. Anything less is either stopping the process short or short-changing (and short-circuiting) the entire creative process.

To create what you desire and deserve you must go 3 for 3. 
Your thoughts, feelings, and actions all must be congruent 
and firing in alignment.

old man painting

Thought is the directive power—like the steering wheel on your car. It points the unlimited creative energies in a direction of your choosing. Stop. Think about how blessed you are to have this steering wheel of your own life. Utterly amazing.

Your marvelous mind is the greatest gift you’ve been given by your Creator. How are you using it? Truth be told, most are not doing very well with their greatest gift.

But please be reminded that you must always keep spiritual purpose at the forefront of your mind, stop thinking small! Stop thinking like a material-minded man! “I want this I want that.” Please! Think Like How God Thinks! Use tangible results only as a measurement of your ability to access the unseen and bring it into form.

Steer always and only toward The Triad (further expansion, experience, and expression) Even in the midst of a wailing typhoon. Maybe even more so in a typhoon. Steer into the waves of “The Perfect Storm” with the faith and confidence that there’s a Grander Plan in motion… and you’re an integral player in it.

I promise it won’t be easy. But if you can get it then you really get it.

While your thoughts are the steering wheel, your feelings are the engine. Feelings by the way are not emotions! This is an important distinction that, more often than not, is either overlooked or misinterpreted.

Feelings and emotions are close cousins, but the latter is nothing more than a label that we place upon a feeling. A feeling is visceral… a literal vibration in the body. Please reflect upon this and understand—it’s an important distinction.

Excitement, anger, happiness as well as all other emotional labels,
are but feeble attempts to categorize and explain a visceral feeling.

woman smiling in the field with sunflowers

Finally, actions are like the wheels of your car. The mode in which the energy of the engine (your feelings), and the directional promptings of your wheel (thoughts) bring the vehicle (your body) into expression/action and direction. Do you follow?

Now while the creative process is an active process it’s also critical to understand that just as importantly it’s a receptive process. Please read that again.

For all true fundamental creativity must begin at the Source of all creation; and unless you’re receptive to creative inspiration, you’ll not have the impulses from beyond your own personality and will.

Personal creativity comes from you and is limited;
Fundamental Creativity comes through you and is unlimited.

jame arthur ray and flow

My personal experience proves that the best of the best (that I’ve appeared to produce), comes through me versus from me. In this way does Universal Intelligence and Purpose speak and act.

This points directly back to Principle Two in which we realized that the only true power is a functional and integrated whole. Were you ahead of me on that one? Impressive if you were.

Unless and until there is an integration of both spirit and form… you’re only playing with half a deck. Something to ponder.

So in summary… it’s in your DNA to be fundamentally creative as well as re-creative; and I submit that unless and until you fully understand your own Innate Abilities, you’ll never access this process to the fullest.

Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind. ~ Albert Einstein

And accessing your unlimited creativity my friend is why you are here.

The journey continues…

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!

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