21st Century Alchemy

21st Century Alchemy

As long as you’re denying and resisting what is,
you’ll never be empowered to make it what you want it to be.

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Understanding this principle is a fundamental game-changer.

Many individuals hope for only one side of the equation in life.

All pleasure with no pain…

All gain with no loss…

All fame with no blame…

All expansion with no contraction…

All variety with no boredom…

All certainty with no uncertainty…

All love with no hate.

Life doesn’t work that way.

True positive thinking is not expecting the best. That’s illusion.
True positive thinking is accepting that what is happening is
the best for your own development and growth.

woman thinking looking up

You see all things are part of the same thing.

Every up has a down. Every gain has a loss.

The more you resist it, the more it persists and magnifies.

You must see things clearly before you can move beyond them.
You must choose it before you can change it.

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Most people ruminate on their misery like a cow chews on cud.

To choose it does not mean that you reside or stay stuck in it. Quite the contrary.

When you choose, accept, and embrace your current circumstances, you’re finally enabled to change them. You have to choose it before you can change it.

The traditional personal and spiritual development movements have created
pathology and self-judgement by convincing us that all things must be “positive.”
Sometimes what is perceived to be “positive” is quite negative;
and the converse is true as well.

positive and negative

The Master and Leader embraces both pain and pleasure in the pursuit of his purpose.

Transmutation, not denial is the tool of mastery.

James Arthur Ray

This is 21 st Century Alchemy.

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When you see things clearly and you choose to embrace and grow from them, then and only then, are you on the road to true leadership.

Be a Leader. Live Your Purpose; and Take Your Power Back!


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