21 Century Alchemy

21st Century Alchemy

The Art and Science of Transmutation

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February 6th, 2023



Are you aware that much ancient spiritual and practical wisdom has been lost?

Do you realize that ancient secrets tell you you’re literally a magical being? 

Are you aware that modern physics now backs up and proves ancient mystical sciences?

Would you like to know these secrets?

How would you feel to know there’s been a concentrated effort to keep these secrets from you?

If these questions and others have ever entered your mind, then welcome to the opportunity you’ve been looking for:

The Art and Science of Transmutation

The 21st Century Alchemy Experience

Properly understood, Alchemy is the study of flow; and it’s existed since antiquity. 

In ancient China there were two types of Alchemy: 

  1. Neidan: Internal Alchemy
    -Taking natural and internal forces external
  2. Weidan: External Alchemy
    -Taking physical things and turning them into something new: time, people, money, business results, relationships, etc.

If you think Weidan is impossible, please think again. 

Quantum physics now proves you can literally transmute your external world.

Mind is the matrix of all matter. ~ Max Planck (Nobel Prize winning Father of Quantum Physics)

It’s important to realize that Weidan (transmuting physical) can never be accomplished without first mastering Neidan (transmuting internal). 

Ultimately Alchemy is about “taking your inner world into the outer world.” 

All Alchemical transmutations happen from the inside/out.

This is a fundamental principle.

You can’t give, do, or be what you’re not. 
Your results are a reflection of you

Historically there were certain formulas guarded heavily and kept extremely secret except for the inner circle of highest initiates.

In this experience we’re going to bring these principles into the light of awareness.

This experience is your Initiation. 

Alchemy is complex. 

If you’ve ever attempted to study it, you know. It’s next to impossible to decipher without a teacher.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with many great teachers and now I’m passing on to you, the wisdom and secrets given me.

In The 21st Century Alchemy Experience, we’re going to decode and demystify these secret keys and put them into practical application.

Very practical.

Let’s face it, it you can’t take alchemical principles and create tangible results, what good are they?

Those who knew these secrets were the wealthiest most successful individuals in the world: Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and Sir Isaac Newton just to name a few.

True Alchemy is not “out there.” 

Nor is it for the weak of mind or will.

While you can certainly create success and wealth in worldly measures, alchemy aims for true harmonic and comprehensive wealth.

True wealth is achieved when you create wealth in your finances, relationships, mental health, emotional fitness, physical health and fitness, spiritual connection, and all areas of life. 

With these technologies and strategies, you’ll know exactly how to do this.

The objective of this 14-week LIVE experience on ZOOM is for you become a true magician and to never want for anything.

The objective is for you create a successful business or career while simultaneously living a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

Our greatest wish is that you transmute what appears to be trash and turbulence into treasure. 

To transmute the base metal of low value into the gold of the awakened soul.

This 14-week course will give you a foundation to build upon… And it will literally transform and transmute every area of your life, relationships, and business.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll experience and learn:
  • The history and meaning of Alchemy beyond all the blinds, blocks, and metaphors…
  • The hidden messages and formulas in the myth of King Arthur, Merlin, and the Sword in the Stone…
  • How to develop what Alchemy calls the “Perfect Intelligence”…
  • What Alchemical Transmutation really means; and how to change anything of low value into something of extremely high value…
  • The three agents of Alchemy and the four stages of how to apply them…
  • How to dissect, diagnose, and apply the two most important documents of Alchemy: The Turba Philosophorum and The Emerald Tablet…
  • How to take the mystery out of the mysteries and put its strategies into practical application and use…
  • Specific weekly magical practices historically only shared with Initiates of the mystery schools of Hermetics and Alchemy…
  • The Seven Stages of Mystical Initiation. Understand your current stage, and how to guarantee you evolve forward…
  • Magical practices for your Soul. The God-Force within you…
  • How to purify your body and mind and become a greater conduit of unlimited energy…
  • “The 43 Laws of Magic” and how to create willful change in the fabric of your universe both spiritually and materially…
  • And much more!

This 14-week experience is full of content but more importantly, specific exercises for growth, development, and improvement of your own life, relationships, and business.

We’ll be meeting every Monday at 4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST live via ZOOM. Starting Feb. 6th, 2023.

Each week you’ll also have group exercises and practices; as well as plenty of time for Q/A to ensure you’re crystal clear on how to apply what you’re learning.

Check in with your feelings right now.

21st Alchemy

Do you feel that you deserve to learn what’s been hidden from you?

Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life?

Do you feel it’s time for you to live the life you desire and deserve?

Then please don’t allow this opportunity to pass you by.

We won’t be conducting this course again before 2025 at the earliest.

If this calls to you if this resonates with you, then it’s your time.

Come join me, Bersabeh, and our growing community of Practical Mystics and Modern Alchemists for the experience of a lifetime.

Early Bird Special at $3,197.00 will end in November. (full investment $4197.00)

Training will start: February 6th – May 15th, 2022
Live sessions will be every Monday at 4:00pm PST


New York Times Bestselling Author, Inc 500 Inductee, One of the World’s Foremost Leadership and Performance Advisors, James Arthur Ray has coached and consulted leaders in large corporations such as AT&T, Boeing Aircraft, Coca-Cola, Mass Mutual, Dow Chemical, Pioneer, and Nestle to name a few; as well as elite performing entrepreneurs, Hall of Fame professional athletes, and celebrities from 145 countries around the world. Over 1MM people have attended his live leadership and performance events.

James has appeared on Oprah Winfrey, Piers Morgan, The Today Show, and most other major media outlets for his leadership expertise in both life and business. He is a co-author of the book and movie The Secret; and People Magazine chose his New York Times bestseller Harmonic Wealth as one of the “Top Celebrity Reads.” Fortune Magazine called James the new frontrunner in Leadership and Performance for both life and business.

A CNN Documentary on his life entitled Enlighten Us debuted at the Tribeca and Telluride Film Festivals in 2016 and is now featured worldwide on Netflix.



14 Week Course


$3197.00/per seat

YOU SAVE $1000

Online Via Zoom
Early Bird Special at $3,197.00 will end in November. Training will start: February 6th – May 15th, 2022 Live sessions will be every Monday at 4:00pm PST

"You have no guarantee that life will be easy, but you can be sure that you make your life meaningful."